Review Game Slot Starburst NetEnt

Review Game Slot Starburst NetEnt

Launched in 2012 by the renowned game maker NetEnt, Starburst slot quickly ascended as a favorite among online casino enthusiasts. The game is celebrated for its simplicity yet engaging mechanics, featuring 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines that allow wins in both directions, coupled with an expanding Starburst wild symbol. It harks back to the classic fruit video slots of yore, bringing a nostalgic touch to modern gaming.

Starburst rise to fame can be attributed to its adoption by prominent casinos in their exclusive promotions, special offers, welcome bonuses, and free spins. This game has become synonymous with lucrative casino experiences and vibrant gameplay.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the cosmos, where a myriad of colorful jewels awaits to brighten your day and boost your bankroll! Discover key information about the game: learn about the casino’s House Edge, Starburst RTP, the game’s rules, bonus features, and strategies to maximize your winnings. Find out which online casinos are offering the best deals and free spins for Starburst. Get expert tips and advice to enhance your playing experience.

Dive into our detailed review of this captivating and fun-filled casino game.

Starburst – Dazzling Stones and Stellar Rewards!

From the moment you start spinning, Starburst video slot captivates with its atmospheric tunes and stunning visuals, making you feel as if you’re navigating through space. The graphics are sharp and vibrant, adding to the game’s immersive experience.

Starburst is an elegantly crafted game that stands out with its quality and simple yet engaging gameplay. It’s designed for all types of players, from those just starting out to the seasoned veterans of the casino world.

The game is adorned with a radiant array of gemstone symbols alongside the iconic Lucky 7 and Bar symbols, set against a dynamic 3D cosmic background. The deep purple backdrop sets the stage for a universe filled with gleaming space dust and twinkling symbols. Every win is celebrated with jubilant sound effects and a dazzling light display on the reels.

Overview of Symbols and Payouts:

  • Blue gemstone = 25x
  • Purple gemstone = 25x
  • Red gemstones = 40x
  • Green gemstones = 50x
  • Yellow gemstones = 60x
  • Lucky 7 symbol = 120x
  • Bar symbol = 250x

Starburst Bonus Features

Starburst slot boasts five reels, three rows, and 10 active paylines. The reels are adorned primarily with gleaming gemstones such as amethysts, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Alongside these precious stones are the classic casino symbols: 7s and Bars. The game’s standout Wild symbol, known as the “Starburst Wild Feature,” is a Starburst of rainbow colors. Here’s a rundown of the bonus features you’ll encounter:

✔ Betting Range

Starburst allows bets on 1 to 10 paylines, catering to a wide range of players from high rollers to cautious beginners. The betting flexibility provides numerous winning combinations, generous bonuses, and opportunities for additional free spins.

Adjust your bet per line to suit your budget. Control your gameplay intensity and coin value according to your strategy, with bets ranging from €0.10 up to a maximum of €150 per spin.

✔ Win Both Ways

A standout feature of Starburst is the Win Both Ways mechanism, effectively doubling your chances and potential winnings with every spin.

This means that winning combinations pay out from both left and right, ensuring that no win feels backward. With the ability to win in both directions across the 10 paylines, you have the potential for 20 payouts. A third re-spin landing the BAR symbol could lead to significant rewards!

✔ Bonuses and Winnings

The glistening purple amethysts are the lowest paying symbols, offering 25x your bet. At the top end are the coveted “Bar” symbols; landing five of these can yield 250x your bet!

While the multipliers may seem modest at first, maximizing your bet can lead to significant winnings, potentially reaching a quarter of a million euros.

✔ Re-spins Feature

The Starburst Wild symbol, a radiant star, activates the game’s re-spins feature.

When the Wild symbol appears, it not only triggers free spins but also substitutes for other symbols, acting like a Scatter or Joker to complete winning combinations. Once activated, you can enjoy three bonus re-spin rounds, with the Wild symbol potentially appearing on reels 2, 3, or 4.

The Wild symbol initiates a freeze-and-expand mechanism on the reel, leading to a new spin. During this free spin, the wild reel remains fixed, enhancing your winning opportunities. Landing an additional Wild during a re-spin can extend the feature, increasing the chances of hitting substantial jackpots with further re-spins.

Frequent encounters with the Wild symbol mean more chances for free spins and extended play.

Starburst also features a fixed jackpot, ready for players to strike it big!

The Symbols in Starburst slots:

  • Gemstones in red, blue, yellow, purple, and green
  • 7
  • Bar
  • A radiant, multicolored Cosmic Diamond

How To Play Starburst Slot Online?

Seeking a delightful escape after a strenuous day at work or a quick amusement during your lunch break? Look no further!

Starburst is an excellent choice among the array of slot games available. Unlike other slots filled with complex rules and overwhelming sound effects, Starburst offers a serene space-themed adventure, inviting you to glide through a galaxy of stars and nebulae.

When you launch Starburst, the game’s intuitive design makes it easy to grasp its core mechanics.

Begin by selecting your desired level and coin value. Then, simply adjust your wager using the bet button. Once set, you’re all set to hit the “Spin” button. The game follows the familiar structure of 5 reels and 3 rows, allowing for wins from both the left and right sides of the reels.

Like its contemporaries, Starburst is equipped with a handy Autoplay feature for 10 to 1000 automatic spins. However, to truly experience the game, we advise understanding its nuances and making deliberate choices, as automatic gameplay might not always align with your strategy.

For those exploring the Autoplay option, you have the control to halt these spins based on specific conditions, such as if your balance dips below a certain level or if your winnings exceed a predetermined amount. For a faster pace, engage the “quick spin” feature to speed through the game.

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