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8 Best Bingo Games for Android

Everyone enjoys the simple pleasure of a leisurely Bingo game occasionally. Here are the top Bingo apps you can find for Android currently.

Everyone cherishes the peaceful delight of playing Bingo now and then. It’s a timeless pastime appropriate for any age, with adults sometimes wagering for a bit of extra excitement. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of Bingo apps on Android, allowing you to play virtually anywhere. The downside is that many are free-to-play, which often entails less-than-ideal gaming experiences due to aggressive monetization strategies. However, a handful of decent choices still exist, although it’s worth noting that this isn’t the strongest category for Android gaming. Here are the top Bingo apps for Android.

✔ Abradoodle Bingo

Abradoodle Bingo

Price: Free to play

Abradoodle Bingo stands out with its charming design and reasonable gameplay. The app offers various rooms to suit your playing style, along with regular ticket replenishment every 40 minutes, power-ups to enhance your winning chances, and numerous unlockables. While in-app purchases can influence the game, Abradoodle maintains fair odds for all players, making it relatively friendly even for non-paying users. It’s a solid choice for casual gaming.

✔Absolute Bingo

Absolute Bingo

Price: Free to play

Absolute Bingo delivers a straightforward, enjoyable Bingo experience. It allows up to four cards per game, complete offline support, and the option to pause mid-game, catering to your pace. In-game power-ups are available, with additional ones for purchase. While it embodies the typical freemium model, it rewards players with free coins every four hours. Positive reviews highlight its user-friendly nature, despite the occasional frustration of waiting for coin refreshes. Overall, it’s less aggressive than many competitors.

✔ Bingo Bash

Price: Free to play

Bingo Bash is a well-known digital Bingo game featuring diverse rooms and game variants to keep the experience fresh. It offers daily bonuses and power-ups, typical of a freemium game, but remains enjoyable without spending money. However, certain restrictions might dampen the fun over time.

Apart from Bingo games, we also have several recommendations for the best slot games for Android that you must try, such as Rocket Speed Casino Slots.

✔ Bingo Blast

Price: Free to play

Less known but equally engaging, Bingo Blast offers a straightforward Bingo experience without unnecessary frills. Players can manage up to eight cards, unlocking more as they progress. It includes the usual power-ups and has a visually pleasing design. While more enjoyable with purchases, it still provides a satisfactory Bingo fix.

✔ Bingo Party Land 2

Bingo Party Land 2

Price: Free to play

Bingo PartyLand 2 offers a rich Bingo experience with various play modes, including real-time multiplayer, tournaments, and solo play. It emphasizes collectibles, providing extra incentives beyond number selection. Players can handle up to eight cards, with frequent opportunities to earn more coins. It’s distinctly freemium, so expect some nudges towards in-app purchases, but patient players can enjoy much of what it offers without spending.

✔ Bingo Showdown

Bingo Showdown

Price: Free to play

Bingo Showdown adds a competitive edge to traditional Bingo, featuring online player vs. player battles. The game prioritizes speed and includes features like cross-platform support and offline play. It relies quite heavily on its freemium structure, limiting the number of daily games. Nonetheless, it stands as a decent option for killing time in this genre.

✔Dynamic Games’ Bingo Collection

Price: Free to play (each)

Dynamic Games, a developer on Google Play, offers a series of Bingo games, each with its own theme, including holidays and various festivities. Each game provides a similar experience with minor variations. As freemium games, they offer consistent Bingo fun across different themes.

✔Super Bingo HD

Price: Free to play

Comparatively new, Super Bingo HD combines classic features with new elements like online multiplayer, customizable daubers, and player profiles. It’s somewhat less intensive than other freemium Bingo games, offering a lighter experience while still adhering to the freemium model.

4 Best Poker Apps and Games For Android 2023

Poker, a classic card game, continues to be a favorite around the globe. Let’s explore the top Android poker apps and games available!

Poker, with its rich history and varied styles, stands out as a globally cherished card game. It’s straightforward to start; a small wager can launch your journey into this exciting game. Android boasts a plethora of poker apps and games, yet quality offerings are rare. Most are free, nudging you towards in-game purchases. But, don’t let that deter you; there are still some gems out there.

Without further ado, here are some of the finest poker apps and games available.

✔ Poker Face

Game Poker Face

Price: Free /In-app purchases ($0.99 – $399.99 per item)

Poker Face offers a contemporary free-to-play poker experience. It caters to both veterans and novices, allowing you to play with friends or forge new connections globally, all from your own space. It’s known for its robust international community and generous starter bonuses, including free chips and significant rewards for inviting friends. Features include group video chat for a more social experience, daily challenges, and side slot games. The developers emphasize fair play with a random card shuffle system and a VIP scheme rewarding loyalty with special perks.

✔ Governor of Poker 3

Price: Free /In-app purchases ($0.99 – $199.99 per item)

Governor of Poker 3 is a middle-of-the-road poker app for Android. It includes a variety of poker styles and features, such as six different poker formats, online play, and even blackjack. Regular chip bonuses and a spinner for extra rewards keep you in the game, while cross-platform support means you can play across devices. Despite mixed reviews about win rates, the game offers a fun, casual poker experience if you don’t take it too seriously.

✔ Mega Hit Poker

Game Mega Hit Poker

Price: Free /In-app purchases ($0.99 – $299.99 per item)

Mega Hit Poker presents itself as a solid poker gaming option. It comes packed with an ample amount of free chips, diverse tournament styles, multiple modes, a slots feature, and social aspects like game recording. The game prides itself on an RNG certification, implying fairness and unpredictability in card dealing. It’s well-received by users for its comprehensive offering.

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✔ Poker 5 Card Draw

Poker 5 Card Draw

Price: Free /In-app purchases ($0.99 – $129.99 per item)

Poker 5 Card Draw makes its mark as a commendable poker game. It supports up to eight players across four game modes, including AI and real opponents. The online play offers a variety of levels to accommodate different players, while a training mode helps you hone your skills. The game might give you a challenging hand occasionally, but it provides a solid poker experience overall.

Top 10 Game Art Outsourcing Firms

Venturing into the complex realm of game creation often entails a pivotal choice: delegating art production to expert firms. This detailed guide demystifies the importance of such a decision and navigates the intricate process involved in selecting premier game art outsourcing firms. We reveal the manifold advantages of outsourcing game art and highlight distinguished firms including Room 8 Studio, Nuare Studio, and Concept Art House, examining the nuances of judicious outsourcing. Our probe goes deeper than mere company overviews, touching upon essential factors like geographical location, establishment year, staff size, and areas of expertise. Additionally, we offer vital tips on maximizing outcomes with Polydin Studio, imparting a comprehensive understanding of attaining distinction in the vibrant sphere of game art delegation.

The Rationale Behind Delegating Art to Gaming Firms

Delegating art production to gaming firms has emerged as a vital strategy in the ever-adaptive domain of game production. The primary attraction is the specialized expertise. Game art firms boast proficient individuals who deeply comprehend the gaming industry’s specific needs. By delegating, creators tap into a reservoir of talent adept in crafting enthralling visuals exclusively for interactive media. Furthermore, delegating facilitates efficient allocation of resources, allowing the internal team to concentrate on foundational aspects like gameplay and story while entrusting the artistic components to professionals committed to producing immersive and superior visuals.

The Criticality of Selecting an Apt Game Outsourcing Firm

Why Is Choosing The Right Game Outsourcing Company So Important

The importance of choosing an appropriate game outsourcing firm is paramount. It acts as the pivotal factor in a project’s triumph. The right outsourcing ally brings not only technical prowess but also a congruent vision and grasp of the project’s objectives. An apt firm aligns with the developer’s artistic aspirations, ensuring fluid cooperation and integration of artistic work into the overall game structure. This choice affects the project’s timeline, caliber, and market reception. An incompatible partnership can lead to postponements, misunderstandings, and a divergence of creative directions, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive selection process.

Strategies for Selecting Ethical Game Art Outsourcing Firms

Selecting ethical game art outsourcing firms entails a systematic approach focusing on vital factors. Transparency and communication are crucial. A conscientious partner maintains clear communication, offering detailed project outlines, schedules, and financial specifics. Evaluating a firm’s history, portfolio, and client feedback provides insight into its punctuality and reliability. Beyond technical skills, a mutual commitment to quality and cultural alignment is essential. Considering a firm’s ethical stance, including fair employee treatment and environmental responsibility, is key to a principled outsourcing choice. It’s an all-encompassing assessment that extends beyond mere capabilities, ensuring the selected partner meets the project’s artistic and ethical requirements.

Premier Game Art Outsourcing Firms Catalogue

Traversing the expansive terrain of game creation necessitates an acute appreciation for artistic mastery. The enlistment of elite game art outsourcing firms is crucial for developers aiming for unmatched inventiveness and skill. This selective compilation exposes the foremost contributors to the enhancement of game aesthetics and experiences. Let’s acquaint ourselves with a few notable entities.

✔ Room 8 Studio

Incepted in 2011 in Ukraine, Room 8 Studio has ascended as a distinguished force in the gaming sector, renowned as one of the elite and most esteemed outsourcing studios available. Boasting over 700 adept professionals, the studio is dedicated to game production and game art outsourcing. Celebrated for its devotion to artistry and technical prowess, Room 8 Studio provides an exhaustive array of services, including 2D and 3D art, animation, and game creation. The studio’s artistic endeavors have been pivotal in shaping visually striking and engaging game experiences, marking Room 8 Studio as a significant entity in the vibrant domain of game art outsourcing.

✔ Nuare Studio

Established in 2006, Nuare Studio propels forward with an unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. Encompassing a team of developers, artists, animators, 3D modelers, and aficionados, the studio is recognized for its superior quality and contemporary designs within set timelines. Engaging with notable enterprises worldwide, Nuare Studio infuses its distinctive blend of quality and flair into various titles and initiatives. The studio is adept in a multitude of disciplines including award-winning video game creation, movie productions, advertising endeavors, texturing, VFX, branding, full art-style development, animation, 2D art, 3D high and low poly modeling, and co-development.

Nuare Studio prides itself on its adaptable production workflow, tailored to cater to client specifications, ensuring fluid communication through its proficient management team, adept in utilizing existing tracking systems. The studio’s extensive offerings cover art outsourcing, IT development, and a myriad of creative solutions like concept art, promotional art, illustrations, storyboards, VR/AR development, VFX, 3D characters,texturing, rigging & animation, and proficiency in Unreal Engine/Unity. Beyond gaming, Nuare Studio’s commitment to innovation is evident in Pie Messenger, a secure, adaptable communication platform designed for artists and creative professionals, reflecting the studio’s dedication to facilitating collaboration and content sharing within the creative community.

✔ 1518 Studios

Encompassing a range of time zones and locales, with a base in Los Angeles, 1518 Studios assembles a varied team of technology aficionados, engineers, and strategic thinkers, boasting a collective experience nearing three decades. Collaborating with globally acclaimed art directors, artists, and animators, the studio commits to creating enthralling game environments through a dynamic amalgamation of Art and Co-Development (Co-Dev).

Rooted in a foundation of technical knowledge and strategic insight, 1518 Studios operates as a collaborative entity, leveraging the team’s combined energies to pioneer inventive solutions. Engaged in leading-edge projects or contributing to the gaming landscape’s evolution, the studio’s pursuit of excellence is apparent, offering a synthesis of technical acumen and creative vision that distinguishes it in the fast-paced world of game development.


Zvky Design Studio

Inaugurated in 2009 and situated in Bangalore’s “Silicon Valley of India,” Zvky Design Studio embodies the intersection of diverse industries contributing to Bangalore’s burgeoning role in media and entertainment. Zvky is committed to empowering creative ventures with their ideas brought to fruition.

The studio specializes in avant-garde entertainment design, pooling together a talented roster of artists with pedigrees from illustrious international studios like Disney, Activision, Epic, DreamWorks, EA, Ubisoft, and Thomson/Technicolor. Their collective expertise spans architecture, industrial design, gaming design, broadcast television, and film.

Zvky is devoted to producing high-caliber, original solutions for complex challenges, excelling in transforming clients’ conceptual ideas into concrete visuals. Whether refining a 3D character or articulating a concept through sketches, Zvky plays an instrumental role in helping clients manifest their creative ambitions.

The moniker “Zvky,” echoing Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky’s name, honors his pioneering work in discovering dark matter and dark energy. Like Zwicky, Zvky Design Studio is steadfast in pursuing its aspirations and explorations, fearlessly venturing into unknown territories beyond traditional confines.

✔ Concept Art House

Concept Art House stands at the forefront, driving projects for some of the world’s most prominent brands and intellectual properties. Since its inception in 2007, the studio has significantly contributed art and support to a multitude of leading gaming and entertainment entities, participating in over 1000 games and collectibles featuring globally influential brands. With extensive experience in gaming, including collaborations with famed franchises like ROBLOX and Fortnite, Concept Art House has evolved into a key influencer in the domains of Web3 games, NFT projects, and the metaverse ecosystem.

✔ Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games stands out as a formidable entity in the gaming industry, renowned for its precision, adherence to deadlines, and forward-thinking approach. With over ten years of industry presence, Kevuru Games excels in an extensive spectrum of services, encompassing 3D/2D art creation, animation, comprehensive game development, and AR/VR gaming experiences. The company’s team, comprising over 300 skilled artists and developers, has made significant contributions to acclaimed projects like Fortnite, Storyscape, Polo Gamer, and Big Farm. Kevuru Games is not only notable for its robust portfolio but also for its dynamic workplace that nurtures top talent in a cooperative and driven setting. From its base in Kyiv, Ukraine, Kevuru Games continues to impact the gaming world positively, underscored by its commitment to client satisfaction and ongoing expansion.

✔ Stepico Games

Stepico Games emerges as a prominent player in European game development with a solid 9 years of experience in the interactive entertainment realm. Specializing in delivering immersive gaming experiences across mobile, PC, and console platforms, Stepico harnesses the capabilities of the Unreal and Unity engines. The company offers comprehensive development services, managing everything from full-cycle game creation to specialized tasks like 2D/3D art production and live game operations.

With a growing team of over 200 professionals, Stepico has amassed an impressive array of over 65 titles. Its services are broad, including custom game creation, mobile game development, game programming with Unity and Unreal engines, live game support, and innovative ventures into blockchain games, NFTs, and dedicated team solutions. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Stepico stands at the forefront, offering a complete range of services that epitomize their dedication to quality and innovation.

✔ Bosi Art Studios

Situated in Shanghai, BOSi Art Studios operates as a comprehensive creative force with a skilled team proficient in a wide range of artistic disciplines. The studio’s expertise spans 2D game art, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modeling, illustration, concept art, UI design, technical art, motion capture, and VFX, positioning it as a versatile service provider in the industry. With a rich history of collaboration, BOSi Art Studios has worked with esteemed clients on various projects, from AAA console and PC games to mobile gaming, immersive VR, and pioneering efforts in NFT/Web3/Blockchain/Metaverse development. The studio’s adaptability extends beyond digital media to tangible design collaborations for toys, demonstrating its broad and versatile talent. As an integral component of the international creative community, BOSi Art Studios is a paragon of innovation and proficiency, consistently delivering exceptional results across numerous projects and sectors.

✔ N-ix Games

Inaugurated in 2012, N-iX Game & VR Studio has rapidly established itself as an influential part of the N-iX family, a prestigious European software development entity boasting over 2000 professionals and two decades of industry experience. The studio, with its 240+ game development experts, has executed over 80 projects, partnering with leading industry figures like Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and AWS. Renowned for enduring partnerships with heavyweights like Paradox Interactive and Wargaming, N-iX Game & VR Studio has been integral to AAA titles such as World of Tanks and Crusader Kings III. Offering a complete suite of services, including end-to-end development and VR & Metaverse solutions, the studio positions itself as a dependable ally for game development outsourcing.

Core Advantages of Delegating Game Art Production

Benefits Of Game Art Outsourcing

Game art outsourcing has solidified its role within the gaming sector, providing numerous key benefits that extend beyond simple expediency. Here are the central perks of embracing this approach:

  1. Cost Reduction: Delegating game art production can lead to substantial savings compared to in-house creation. By utilizing skilled external artists and designers, studios avoid the expenses related to sustaining a full-time, in-house staff, thereby optimizing their financial resources.
  2. Global Artistic Pool: Outsourcing opens up a worldwide array of artistic talent. This allows studios to engage with artists of varied cultural influences, offering a rich diversity of styles and innovative creative solutions.
  3. Specialized Expertise: Outsourcing grants access to niche skills and expert knowledge. Be it complex 3D sculpting, detailed concept art, or fluid animation, it connects development teams with professionals who have honed specific skills, thus elevating the game’s artistic quality.
  4. Concentration on Core Activities: With external teams handling art production, in-house teams can focus on their principal tasks, including game mechanics, programming, and strategic project oversight. This concentration often leads to more refined and innovative gaming solutions.
  5. Adaptable and Scalable: The flexibility of outsourcing means that project team sizes can be adjusted as needed, allowing for efficient resource allocation and scalability without the burden of a permanent in-house team.
  6. Accelerated Production: Having a dedicated external team for art assets can expedite the development process, a critical factor in the fast-paced and competitive gaming industry.
  7. Guaranteed Quality: Established outsourcing firms typically enforce strict quality control protocols, ensuring that all art assets adhere to both industry benchmarks and the game’s specific requirements. This commitment to quality enhances the overall caliber of the game.
  8. Risk Distribution: Outsourcing helps distribute the various risks inherent in game development, such as access to talent, skill mismatches, and variable work volumes. Partnering with seasoned outsourcing firms allows studios to mitigate these risks effectively.

6 Best Arcade Games to Play Today

Unleash the thrill of arcade gaming right in the palm of your hand with the top 6 arcade games for Android. From high-speed races and intense shootouts to classic SEGA hits and innovative brawlers, this collection brings you the best of dynamic gameplay, stunning graphics, and endless fun. Whether you’re looking to relive cherished gaming memories or discover new favorites, these games are sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. Prepare to dive into worlds of adventure and action as we explore the ultimate arcade games available for your Android device.

✔ Asphalt 9: Legends

Arcade Game - Asphalt 9: Legends

Price: Free to play

Feel the rush as you steer through spectacular landscapes in one of the most acclaimed racing games. Asphalt 9: Legends offers an immersive experience with hyper-realistic graphics, a rich roster of cars, and exhilarating challenges.

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✔ Brawl Stars

Acrade Game Brawl Stars

Price: Free to Play

Dive into fast-paced, fun-filled skirmishes with Brawl Stars. Team up with friends or solo your way through varied game modes, unlocking and upgrading dozens of quirky characters, each with unique abilities.

✔ Bullet Hell Monday

Arcade Game - Bullet Hell Monday

Price: Free / $1.99-$4.99

Prepare to navigate through overwhelming barrages of bullets in Bullet Hell Monday. This arcade shooter game offers an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience as you dodge and weave through intricate patterns and destroy enemies.

✔ Crossy Road

Arcade Game - Crossy Road

Price: Free to Play

Join millions in the simple yet incredibly addictive quest to cross roads, train tracks, and rivers. With its charming pixel art and endless hop-and-dodge gameplay, Crossy Road is an arcade favorite for all ages.

✔ SEGA Forever Games

Arcade Game - SEGA Forever Games

Price: Free / $1.99 (usually)

Relive the glory days with SEGA Forever, a collection of classic SEGA games now available on Android. From Sonic to Streets of Rage, enjoy these timeless hits with added features like cloud saves and controller support.

✔ Sky Force Reloaded

Game Arcade- Sky Force Reloaded

Price: Free to play

Experience the thrill of aerial combat in Sky Force Reloaded. With its stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and vast customization options, it stands out as a top vertical shooter game that’s both challenging and rewarding.

5 Easy Online Gambling Games (Winning Guarantee)

What should you do if you want to win while playing trusted online gambling? One of the steps you can take is to choose a gambling game that is easy to play. It is certainly easier for you to win them by playing easy games, and fortunately, not all gambling games on online gambling sites are difficult. Because in fact, some games are classified as easy to play even though there are still bettors who don’t realize it.

The Following Are Recommendations for Easy Online Gambling Games

If you also don’t really know which online betting games fall into the easy category, then you are quite lucky. The reason is that on this occasion, we will provide recommendations for five online gambling games that fall into the easiest category. So for those of you, especially those who are new to newbies or new, it is guaranteed that you will no longer have trouble winning the gambling game. How curious is not the recommendation, then look at the following recommendations directly.

Online Slots

Easy Online Gambling Games

One of the gambling games that is the first recommendation here is online slot gambling. So if you play on a slot pragmatic bet dengan murah site, it doesn’t hard to choose this game. In this online slot game, in terms of games, it is similar to games in children’s games. So you just have to pull the slot machine lever and just wait if the slot machine will stop at the same row of images. If later the machine stops and three of the same pictures come out, the player gets the jackpot. There are also many types of online slot games, and this is one of its main attractions.

Online Cockfighting

The second recommendation is the online cockfighting gambling game, which is also in demand by many people. To play the game of cockfighting is also very easy because players only have to choose one of the fighting cocks and just place the bet. Later the two chickens will be pitted, and players can watch it via live streaming.

Online Poker

Easy Online Gambling Games

This third recommendation is incomplete if you don’t include online poker gambling games. Now, who doesn’t know this very popular card game and everyone knows how to play it too. So for those of you who are playing online gambling for the first time, there is nothing wrong with choosing to play this easy online poker gambling. Here the players only need to compete for the value of the cards they have with other players, and the winner is the player who has the highest card value.

Online Football Gambling

Then there are also online soccer gambling games, which are also very easy for you to play even though you are not a fanatical fan of this sport. What is needed here is that you only need to find information about the soccer market before placing a bet. The many betting market choices available are also an added value of this game. Most bettors choose to play soccer gambling because the chances of winning the bet are quite large.

Domino Online

Easy Online Gambling Games

For this last recommendation, you can try playing online domino gambling, which is quite popular among bettors. This gambling game, which has another name, cassava gambling, is a traditional gambling game that is often played by the public. To master the domino game, it also doesn’t take long, so this game is included in the list of recommendations.

Among Us, A Simple Viral Game on 2020

Virtual games or online games In the midst of being discussed on social media lately. On Twitter, for example, many accounts share screenshots followed by feelings of annoyance and excitement at the game.

game among us

What is the online game Among Us? Among Us itself is a bold game made by developer InnerSloth which has been released since June 15, 2018, on Android and iPhone, as well as computers or Windows PCs as of August 17, 2018. Citing the SBNation page, Among Us, who is truly a “game of teamwork and betrayal”, tells the story of the journey of 10 astronauts on a space mission.

However, the mission will meet challenges because one of them is a killer in disguise. In the game, the only people keeping an eye on the undercover killer are other con artists, and their job is to sabotage missions or kill players without being noticed. When someone finds a body or a two-match emergency meeting is held, players argue about who they think is a con.

They will share information about what they saw, who was not present, and if anyone was acting suspiciously. Suppose this game sounds familiar because it looks like Werewolf or Mafia, which already existed before. But with body language to get information, making Among Us is called a more extraordinary experience than Werewolf or Mafia.

Infographics Among Us How to play the online game Among Us Reporting from Fanbyte, Among Us players will play with four to nine other players virtually. The number of players is determined by the host or players hosting the game. Apart from determining the game’s total players, the host can also choose the map or arena that you want, starting from The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

Each location has its own theme, for example, The Skeld, which is the theme of the spaceship. Players will play the role of astronaut Crewmates or Fraudsters, each of whom has their own duties. These two roles will be assigned randomly, and the player cannot see who is the Crewmates or Impostors. Players who become Crewmates should complete available tasks, such as fixing damaged cables, cleaning trash, and others.

game among us

Crewmates must also identify the player who is the Impostor before they kill you. Killing all of his Crewmates and posing as them is the job of the Impostor. Players with the role of con artists who can sabotage the system, such as reducing oxygen, destroying reactors, and closing room doors. They, too, can be hurtful. During the game, no one can speak to maintain anonymity.

If the Crewmates find the bodies of their colleagues, they can report to hold an emergency meeting with all the players to determine who the culprit is, aka the con man. This is where the sheep-fighting begins. Each player can appoint one of them who is suspected of being a fraud. If the original Cheater is not selected in the vote, the game will continue. While Crewmates who happen to be able to choose the highest will be kicked out of the game. The game ends when the Crewmates succeed in realizing all the Cheats, or the Fraudsters response as the winner if they kill all the Crewmates.

Unfortunately, every game will be played differently, and there is no surefire way to convince someone that you are not a con. Therefore, according to Fanbyte, here are some things to consider when you talk to other players: Don’t talk too much. Instead of accusing people, support players who blame the wrong people. Prepare a good alibi for any discussion. Study lots of mini-games so you can coherently explain what you are doing.

Give short, clear answers when asked questions. Things that explain too much usually backfire. Towards the end, it’s okay to immediately accuse someone for upsetting you. Becoming a con artist takes trickery and cunning, so it may take a few games before you really get the hang of it.

5 Games that Should be Played Together

Family or friends are one of the biggest business targets for the video game industry. However, with the prominence of AAA video games in a market dominated by violence and action that is only suitable when played alone, the existence of several video games made especially for families seems to be swallowed up by a storm. However, did you know that many developers still make games that are only fun when played with your friends or family? What are the games? Let’s take a look at our list below.

1. Mario Party Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

Mario Party

Do you remember the game of monopoly? If so, then Mario Party is a much better alternative to the board game. This game will bring you, your friends, or your family in a basic game that is similar to a monopoly. Unlike the monopoly, which uses money as the basis of the game and runs independently, you will instead be taken to play several unique minigames in each stop square together.

2.Overcooked (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Overcooked will require you and your friends or family members to become chefs and cook some foods that appear within a specified time. Each mission in the campaign has a different story. Interestingly, this game is specially made to be played with your friends or family on one screen. If you insist on playing the game alone, you have to control two chef characters to cook alone because bots cannot help you.

3. Rocket League (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Rocket League

This game’s initial concept is indeed very simple, namely playing football but using a car as the player. The presence of the Rocket League not only provides a new trend but also brings players to more interesting sports games. You will be faced with a match with a maximum of 10 players in an arena where you have to fight for a giant ball to be shot at your opponent’s goal. Because this game uses a car as the basis for the game, you can perform various maneuvers such as flips to spin like a tornado. Of course, the game will be more exciting if your friends or family play it.

4.Splatoon Series (Nintendo Wii U and Switch)

Making its debut on the Nintendo Wii U, Splatoon is a non-violent multiplayer paint shooter like Call of Duty that is safe for your family and friends. You will shoot paint with three players against four other players in a match in the arena. Not only online multiplayer, but you can also play local multiplayer by connecting your Nintendo Wii U or Switch in one connection. Read Also: Top 7 Microgaming Slots

5. Mario Kart Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

Mario Kart

Remember Crash Team Racing or Speed ​​Punks on the first PlayStation? If so, then you will really love the Mario Kart series. Having a concept that is more or less the same as the two games, Mario Kart will take you, your friends, and your family to race along the beautiful tracks of the fantasy world, with various power-ups containing unique weapons to trap or knock down opponents in front of you.

5 Best Poker Games to Play on an Android Phone

Play a fun and exciting game? Maybe a game concept or have a type of card game can be one of the best solutions for you. In addition to playing cards or dominoes, you can count on the poker game as one of the most exciting and exciting card games to play on an Android phone.

Now technological sophistication will not make you bother. You only need to go to PlayStore and download poker games that are on PlayStore. However, sometimes people are confused about determining the best poker concept game. Don’t worry, Glenn Guides will now recommend 15 of the best and fun poker games to play on an Android phone. Check out the review to the end!

✔ Texas Holdem & Omaha Poker: Yukpokeronline

Free chips are also provided by a poker game called Texas Holdem & Omaha Poker: Yukpokeronline. This game, which has nearly played by over 100,000 users, is quite interesting with the many features offered in the game for the players. In this game, players can take part in idnpoker tournament.

Not only that, but some several quests or missions must be completed by the players of Texas Holdem & Omaha Poker: Pokerist. Uniquely, the game made by developer KamaGames allows players to chat in one chat room or chat. Interesting and exciting, so let’s visit Yukpokeronline and play!

✔ Luxy Poker

If you want to play Poker together with friends in Indonesia, then choose the Luxy Poker game. This is one of the online poker games. So you have to stay connected to the internet when playing this Luxy Poker game.

How to play poker online

You don’t need to bother creating an account in this Luxy Poker game, because you can log in to this game by using a Facebook or Twitter account. Every day, Luxy Poker will give chips and various attractive prizes to Luxy Poker winners. Want to try playing? You can directly download the application here.

✔ Zynga Poker

Playing against fellow Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem players will be more challenging and certainly more exciting. That is one of the mainstay features offered by the game that has earned more than 1 million downloads on PlayStore.

At the beginning of your game, Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem will give you around 60,000 chips for free. Not only that, Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem presents a game like you play a real poker game with your opponents. In fact, you can take part in every poker match provided, you know. Want? Download here.

✔ Live Hold’em Pro Poker Games

Not to be outdone, Scientific Games Interactive (IL) also launched a poker game that is also fun and fun to play for Android devices. This game, which also gets more than 1 million downloads in PlayStore, features a variety of interesting features in the game.

Live Hold’em Pro Poker Games is ready with three different poker tournaments, namely Texas Shootout, Sit & Go, and Double or Nothing. Not only tournaments, even Live Hold’em Pro Poker Games presents bonuses such as the challenge of playing Poker as well as the lucky hand feature. Curious to play Live Hold’em Pro Poker Games? Download the game here.

✔ World Series of Poker – Texas Hold’em Poker

World Series of Poker – Texas Hold’em Poker This poker game made by Playtika is not allowed to be played by children under the age of 13. This game does have a minimum age limit of 13 years. However, no less exciting, the World Series of Poker – Texas Hold’em. Poker also presents a variety of interesting variant features in it.

You can find the free chips feature every 4 hours. In addition, WSOP Bracelets will be given to those of you who are lucky to get it—playing poker tournaments? Certainly, be the most challenging thing where you can show your skill in playing Poker. Do you dare? Download here.

5 Best Android Offline Soccer Games 2020

Football has indeed become one of the sports with the most fans in the entire world. By playing a soccer game, we can imagine being a player or a coach.

Even more, fun when we play soccer games without an internet connection. Because that way, you can play the game whenever you want, even if you don’t have an internet package.

Now, here are 5 of the most commonly played versions of the GlennsGuides soccer game, you can use this to practice the composition of football, before you bet in to gain real money and get your jackpot.

✔ Real Football

No wonder that Real Football has been downloaded more than 50 million times; the article of this game is packaged neatly by the developer. Behind this success, he is Gameloft as the biggest game maker in the world that makes Real Football.

This game is packed with real 3D graphics that look like console games. Some scenes during the game are also made very real, starting from the kick-off, running, grabbing the ball, and so forth.

If most of the soccer games on the Play Store only provide matches against the computer with the usual difficulty levels, this Real Football will make you more challenged. It could even be said to be difficult because the formations and ways of playing the enemy are so difficult for you to guess later.

✔ Score! Hero

Different from most soccer games, Score Hero offers a unique and interesting soccer game because here, you are only required in the process of scoring goals, from passes to free kicks.

Later, the game will begin by choosing a character who will act as your Hero — accompanied by the selection of citizenship, the club, and the Hero league to further add to the excitement. The control system in this game itself is fairly easy. Where you only need to swipe the ball if you want to pass or shoot.

Later you will be given several different targets. If you successfully do the specified target, then you will get a star that will be used to open the next season.

✔ Mobile Soccer League

Different from most soccer games available on the Play Store, Mobile Soccer League comes with unique graphics where the characters are packaged with a cartoon look.

Even so, the graphics that are presented are enough to spoil your eyes. Moreover, the controls in this game are also fairly easy to control. And most importantly, you can play this game by Rasu Games without an internet connection.

Despite having a fairly light size, this game still presents the best leagues in it, such as the Spanish league, English league, Italian league, and many more. Oh yes, he also offers a Cup game with three types, namely the World Cup, Europa Cup, and Copa America.

✔ Soccer Kicks

This game called Soccer Kicks has enough 3D graphics that spoil your eyes. As the name implies, this game allows you to practice your free-kick ability. To be able to put the ball into the goal, of course, requires good accuracy.

For the game mode itself, there are many choices, ranging from Tournament, Target, Timed, and Practice. Oh yes, this game also provides a 2 Players game mode that allows you to play with friends on one screen.

Visual offerings and amazing 3D sound make this game even more interesting to play. Don’t worry, and this game is very light for you to play anyway.

✔ Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is the most phenomenal offline soccer game. In the Play Store itself, this First Touch game has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

No wonder this game is so popular, the article various scenes in this soccer game looks so real, like the movements of the players. In this game, we can also commit violations by cheating that is not allowed like real football.

The most impressive part is, of course, the graphics and controls that so spoil the player. Do not also forget to transfer the updated player who is already in their latest club.

5 of The Best Android Offline RPG Games Most Often Played by Young People

From time to time, RPG-themed games become the most popular among gamers. Very fun indeed, when we can adventure in a fantasy world that is far different from the real world.

But even more, fun, when you play RPG games without an internet connection. Because that way, you can play without worrying about the internet network.

Well, if you want the best android offline RPG game, here are the best options that can be played, some are free, and there are paid.

✔ Portal Knights – US $ 4.99

In terms of graphics and typical games, Portal Knights are arguably very similar to Minecraft. But the difference, this game has graphics and visuals that are more pampering to the eye.

Later, you will explore a unique fantasy world connected through a mysterious portal. Each of its portals has unique environments, living things, and resources.
And your job, which is to explore every world through a portal to eliminate evil enemies who want to rule the fantasy world. You are not adventuring alone, and you will meet with comrades who act as NPCs.

Some NPCs that you meet later need your help. In addition, some of them also sell equipment such as Potions or other resources. They will also help you to build new ancient portals so that you can explore other parallel worlds.

✔ Animus – Stand Alone – $ 3.99

Animus – Stand Alone is also one of the RPG action games that you can play offline. In terms of serving gameplay, this game has similarities with Bloodrone, Demon Souls, and Dark Souls.

If you like RPG games with 3D graphics that are fun and challenging, then this game is right for you to play. But unfortunately, this game is not free. It would be best if you bought it first to be able to enjoy the game made by TENBIRDS.

✔ Cat Quest – $ 4.99

For those of you who have tried many RPG games, maybe you are familiar with Cat Quest. This game itself takes inspiration from Legend Of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim.

Which, you will be presented by the concept game from Final Fantasy, battles and action series similar to Zelda, and open-world style like Skrym. The main character that you will play is a cat.

Which in the future, you will be assisted by villagers who are also cats to find missing cats that have been abducted by evil monsters. To be able to defeat him, you need to practice a lot and improve your abilities.

✔ Smashing The Battle – $ 4.99

Smashing The Battle is an android offline RPG game that carries the combined concepts of action and hack and slash. In this game, the character you will play is a sexy girl, who wears tight clothes.

The story of the game itself begins in 2085 in a large construction company. Well, this woman became a victim of large-scale hacking. Because hacking all construction robots that start out of control, the robots will attack the factory workers.

Later, in this game, you will control two female characters, each of which has a different side to the story but is still interrelated. Of course, each of these characters has unique abilities and gameplay.

✔ Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG – $ 6.99

In the last position, there is a game called Ravensword, which presents the concept of open-world RPG. This means you can later complete only the main mission or side missions and do whatever you want in this game.

You need to know the side missions in this game are useful for raising all fighting skills and getting some amount in the form of equipment. Later, you are assigned to kill the dark forces with a special sword called Ravensword.

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