10 Best Slots to Play Online for Real Money 2024

Explore the vast world of online slot gaming with our top 10 picks from US online casinos. Our curated selection of premium cash slots spans various providers like NetEnt, IGT, and Aristocrat, focusing on factors such as gameplay experience, mobile compatibility, lucrative payouts, and overall enjoyment.

  1. Top Vintage Slot Game: Starburst
  2. Top Progressive Jackpot Game: Divine Fortune
  3. Slot with Highest Return to Player: Blood Suckers
  4. Top Slot for Free Spin Lovers: 88 Fortunes Megaways
  5. Premier Megaways Slot: Bonanza Megaways
  6. Exclusive Casino Favorite: MGM Grand Millions
  7. Top Slot from the Heart of Vegas: Cleopatra
  8. Leading Penny Slot: Dead or Alive
  9. Most Engaging Themed Slot: Wheel of Fortune

✔ Starburst

For years, Starburst slot game has stood as a top choice for slot aficionados, offering consistent payouts with a 96.09% return to player rate. Its enduring popularity owes to its pioneering role in video slots, featuring vibrant graphics and engaging bonus features like sticky and expanding wilds.

✔ Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune, a Greek-mythology-themed progressive slot, regularly dishes out six-figure jackpots. Its immense popularity is due to its frequent jackpot triggers. Enter its bonus game, and you might walk away with the life-changing MEGA jackpot, contributing 3.7% per spin to the ever-growing prize.

✔ Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers leads with a 98% RTP, promising significant, though infrequent, wins. This vampire-themed slot suits those with a robust bankroll, ready to take advantage of its high volatility and substantial payout opportunities, especially if playing with a casino bonus.

✔ 88 Fortunes Megaways

Experience the unique, Chinese-themed 88 Fortunes slot, offering an enticing mix of free spins and a progressive jackpot. It stands out with its cultural reverence to the number 8 and provides numerous win lines for extensive play.

✔ Bonanza Megaways

Revolutionizing real money slots, Bonanza Megaways offers an unprecedented number of winning combinations, far surpassing traditional slots. Its dynamic reels and engaging gameplay keep players coming back for more.

✔ Zeus

Embark on a mythic quest with Zeus, a slot known for its generous free spin bonuses and a high 97% RTP. Due to its challenging bonus game, it’s recommended for those with a larger bankroll, seeking mighty wins.

✔ MGM Grand Millions

MGM Grand Millions, exclusive to MGM casinos, offers a lucrative progressive jackpot, often exceeding 1 million dollars. Its unique status among casino-specific games makes it a sought-after choice for jackpot chasers.

✔ Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive, a high-volatility penny slot, offers the chance for massive wins with small bets. Its Wild West theme and various bonus rounds provide an exciting, high-stakes experience for the daring player.

✔ Cleopatra

IGT’s Cleopatra remains a beloved Las Vegas classic, now available online. It’s known for its substantial jackpot and potential for numerous free spins, making it a hit for those seeking big rewards in a classic setting.

✔ Wheel of Fortune

The iconic game show turns slot machine, Wheel of Fortune offers a variety of bonus rounds and mini-games. Its familiarity and potential for regular bonus hits make it a perennial favorite.

Best Payout Games

Not all slots are equal in their payout potential. The Return to Player (RTP) is critical in understanding the long-term winnings of a slot game. While some slots offer RTPs as high as 98%, it’s important to select wisely to maximize your return. Some of the highest RTP slots in the US include:

  1. Blood Suckers RTP: 98%
  2. Starmania RTP: 97.87%
  3. White Rabbit Megaways RTP: 97.77%
  4. Wolf Pack Pays RTP: 97.75%
  5. Secrets of Atlantis RTP: 97.07%

Progressive Jackpots

Classic Slots

Progressive jackpots grow with every player spin, accumulating vast sums. While US casinos have a smaller range of progressive slots, games like Divine Fortune and Irish Riches offer the chance for enormous wins. Notable jackpot records include:

  1. Divine Fortune: $314,341
  2. Siberian Storm: $265,150
  3. Mercy of the Gods: $200,000
  4. Irish Riches: N/A
  5. Melon Madness: N/A

Diverse Online Slot Varieties for Real Money Play

Venture into the world of online slots and discover a plethora of game types, each offering unique experiences and rewards. As game developers continually innovate, players are treated to new, thrilling features and gameplay styles, broadening the appeal to a diverse audience. Here’s a concise guide to the most prevalent types of slot games you’ll encounter in most US online casinos:

✔ Classic Slots

Trace the roots of slot gaming back to 1894 with the Liberty Bell, the original slot machine. Today’s classic slots have evolved but maintain the simplicity and charm of their mechanical predecessors. Known for their straightforward gameplay and high Return to Player (RTP) rates, classic slots like Galactic Gems offer a tranquil escape into gaming nostalgia, making them perfect for those looking to fulfill wagering requirements or simply enjoy a piece of history.

✔ Video Slots

Modern casinos are packed with video slots, a step up from the classic versions, boasting electronic reels and an array of additional features. Video slots are known for their elaborate themes, engaging narratives, and a multitude of bonus features like free spins, multipliers, and interactive mini-games. With their rich graphics and dynamic soundtracks, they offer a more absorbing experience. Notable titles include Lost City of Atlantis and Treasure Tomb, which have captivated US players with their immersive stories and exciting gameplay.

✔ Megaways Slots

The Megaways mechanic, introduced by Big Time Gaming with the release of Bonanza, revolutionized online slots. These games offer an unprecedented number of ways to win, thanks to variable reels that can display several symbols per spin, leading to potentially hundreds of thousands of paylines. Their popularity has led to a variety of themes and iterations, making Megaways slots a staple for players seeking dynamic gameplay and the thrill of endless possibilities. With the ever-changing reel structure, every spin is an adventure, offering a fresh and exciting gaming experience.

What’s The Best Way To Play Online Poker Or Slots?

Engaging in online poker or slots can be an exciting form of entertainment and a potential source of income. The digital landscape is filled with numerous platforms and games, making it important to understand your options to select the most suitable one. This guide will explore various online poker and slot games to help you make an informed decision.

✔ Understanding Online Poker

Online poker offers a convenient way to enjoy the classic card game from the comfort of your home. It’s an excellent opportunity for bonding with friends or family or for honing your skills against players from around the world. Various sites provide a range of poker variations, each with unique rules and interfaces.

Beginners are advised to start with lower-stakes games to understand the gameplay before venturing into higher-stakes for more competitive play. Websites like are known for offering a quality gaming experience.

✔ Exploring Online Slots

Slots are another popular choice in online gaming. While they might seem straightforward, the world of online slots is vast, with different modes of playing. Here are three main ways to enjoy slots online:

  • Playing for Real Money: This is for those looking for a financial return, requiring you to deposit funds into a casino account. While the potential for large payouts exists, there’s also a risk of losing your bankroll.
  • Playing for Free: Many casinos offer free spins or bonuses without needing a deposit. It’s a risk-free way to enjoy the game, although it might offer lower financial rewards.

Combining Both: A balanced approach might involve mixing free play with real money slots, giving you control over your bankroll while still enjoying the thrill of possible cash wins.

✔ Diversity in Games

Both poker and slots come in various formats:

  • Poker Varieties: Texas Hold’em is widely recognized, but other types like Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and various video poker games offer diverse experiences.
  • Slot Varieties: From classic slots with traditional symbols to modern video and bonus slots, each type offers a unique theme and gaming experience.

✔ Choosing the Best Online Game

The “best” game is subjective and depends on your preference for complexity, interaction, and potential returns. Understanding the rules, strategies, and variations of poker and slots can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Read Also: 4 Best Poker Apps and Games For Android


Ultimately, the optimal way to play online poker or slots is personal and varies per individual. Whether you’re looking for a casual pastime or a serious gaming session, the key is to find what works best for you. Use the right software, understand the strategies available, and most importantly, enjoy the process. After all, the goal of gaming is to provide pleasure and relaxation.

Review Game Slot Starburst NetEnt

Launched in 2012 by the renowned game maker NetEnt, Starburst slot quickly ascended as a favorite among online casino enthusiasts. The game is celebrated for its simplicity yet engaging mechanics, featuring 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines that allow wins in both directions, coupled with an expanding Starburst wild symbol. It harks back to the classic fruit video slots of yore, bringing a nostalgic touch to modern gaming.

Starburst rise to fame can be attributed to its adoption by prominent casinos in their exclusive promotions, special offers, welcome bonuses, and free spins. This game has become synonymous with lucrative casino experiences and vibrant gameplay.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the cosmos, where a myriad of colorful jewels awaits to brighten your day and boost your bankroll! Discover key information about the game: learn about the casino’s House Edge, Starburst RTP, the game’s rules, bonus features, and strategies to maximize your winnings. Find out which online casinos are offering the best deals and free spins for Starburst. Get expert tips and advice to enhance your playing experience.

Dive into our detailed review of this captivating and fun-filled casino game.

Starburst – Dazzling Stones and Stellar Rewards!

From the moment you start spinning, Starburst video slot captivates with its atmospheric tunes and stunning visuals, making you feel as if you’re navigating through space. The graphics are sharp and vibrant, adding to the game’s immersive experience.

Starburst is an elegantly crafted game that stands out with its quality and simple yet engaging gameplay. It’s designed for all types of players, from those just starting out to the seasoned veterans of the casino world.

The game is adorned with a radiant array of gemstone symbols alongside the iconic Lucky 7 and Bar symbols, set against a dynamic 3D cosmic background. The deep purple backdrop sets the stage for a universe filled with gleaming space dust and twinkling symbols. Every win is celebrated with jubilant sound effects and a dazzling light display on the reels.

Overview of Symbols and Payouts:

  • Blue gemstone = 25x
  • Purple gemstone = 25x
  • Red gemstones = 40x
  • Green gemstones = 50x
  • Yellow gemstones = 60x
  • Lucky 7 symbol = 120x
  • Bar symbol = 250x

Starburst Bonus Features

Starburst slot boasts five reels, three rows, and 10 active paylines. The reels are adorned primarily with gleaming gemstones such as amethysts, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Alongside these precious stones are the classic casino symbols: 7s and Bars. The game’s standout Wild symbol, known as the “Starburst Wild Feature,” is a Starburst of rainbow colors. Here’s a rundown of the bonus features you’ll encounter:

✔ Betting Range

Starburst allows bets on 1 to 10 paylines, catering to a wide range of players from high rollers to cautious beginners. The betting flexibility provides numerous winning combinations, generous bonuses, and opportunities for additional free spins.

Adjust your bet per line to suit your budget. Control your gameplay intensity and coin value according to your strategy, with bets ranging from €0.10 up to a maximum of €150 per spin.

✔ Win Both Ways

A standout feature of Starburst is the Win Both Ways mechanism, effectively doubling your chances and potential winnings with every spin.

This means that winning combinations pay out from both left and right, ensuring that no win feels backward. With the ability to win in both directions across the 10 paylines, you have the potential for 20 payouts. A third re-spin landing the BAR symbol could lead to significant rewards!

✔ Bonuses and Winnings

The glistening purple amethysts are the lowest paying symbols, offering 25x your bet. At the top end are the coveted “Bar” symbols; landing five of these can yield 250x your bet!

While the multipliers may seem modest at first, maximizing your bet can lead to significant winnings, potentially reaching a quarter of a million euros.

✔ Re-spins Feature

The Starburst Wild symbol, a radiant star, activates the game’s re-spins feature.

When the Wild symbol appears, it not only triggers free spins but also substitutes for other symbols, acting like a Scatter or Joker to complete winning combinations. Once activated, you can enjoy three bonus re-spin rounds, with the Wild symbol potentially appearing on reels 2, 3, or 4.

The Wild symbol initiates a freeze-and-expand mechanism on the reel, leading to a new spin. During this free spin, the wild reel remains fixed, enhancing your winning opportunities. Landing an additional Wild during a re-spin can extend the feature, increasing the chances of hitting substantial jackpots with further re-spins.

Frequent encounters with the Wild symbol mean more chances for free spins and extended play.

Starburst also features a fixed jackpot, ready for players to strike it big!

The Symbols in Starburst slots:

  • Gemstones in red, blue, yellow, purple, and green
  • 7
  • Bar
  • A radiant, multicolored Cosmic Diamond

How To Play Starburst Slot Online?

Seeking a delightful escape after a strenuous day at work or a quick amusement during your lunch break? Look no further!

Starburst is an excellent choice among the array of slot games available. Unlike other slots filled with complex rules and overwhelming sound effects, Starburst offers a serene space-themed adventure, inviting you to glide through a galaxy of stars and nebulae.

When you launch Starburst, the game’s intuitive design makes it easy to grasp its core mechanics.

Begin by selecting your desired level and coin value. Then, simply adjust your wager using the bet button. Once set, you’re all set to hit the “Spin” button. The game follows the familiar structure of 5 reels and 3 rows, allowing for wins from both the left and right sides of the reels.

Like its contemporaries, Starburst is equipped with a handy Autoplay feature for 10 to 1000 automatic spins. However, to truly experience the game, we advise understanding its nuances and making deliberate choices, as automatic gameplay might not always align with your strategy.

For those exploring the Autoplay option, you have the control to halt these spins based on specific conditions, such as if your balance dips below a certain level or if your winnings exceed a predetermined amount. For a faster pace, engage the “quick spin” feature to speed through the game.

How to Play Online Slots?

slot games are a fan favorite in the digital betting sphere. With their origins in physical casinos and gaming parlors, classic games like Cleopatra have set the stage for the thriving online slot scene. The shift to the digital domain has only amplified their appeal, offering a variety of themes and innovative features. Online slot mechanics are largely similar to their traditional counterparts, yet certain nuances must be understood before delving into these virtual spinners.

✔ Basic Play in Online Slots

  1. Pick your preferred online slot machine.
  2. Decide on your wager amount for each spin.
  3. Spin and hope for the best!

Success in online slots is largely attributed to luck; however, players can tip the scales in their favor by choosing games with higher return-to-player (RTP) percentages. The RTP reflects the expected payout over millions of spins. Typically, an RTP above 98% is considered excellent in the online realm, surpassing most physical slot machines due to lower overhead costs for online platforms. Conversely, an RTP below 94% is relatively low, with the mid-range lying in between.

The journey begins with selecting a reputable and licensed online casino, followed by account registration, depositing funds, and selecting a game. Before starting, players should review the paytable, which details the game’s unique features, if any. Then, it’s about setting the bet amount and the number of paylines to activate. While higher bets can lead to larger wins, a pre-set gambling budget is advisable to maintain a healthy play session. After these preparations, players hit the spin or play button to start the game.

✔Key Features In Online Slots

Online slots function using random number generators and come with a detailed paytable. This table indicates whether the game includes special symbols like bonus or multiplier icons. Progressive multipliers, for instance, can enhance regular wins without needing to activate any bonus feature.

Modern online slots also boast a variety of additional elements such as free spins and wild symbols. Wilds, in particular, replace other symbols (except for specific bonus icons) to form winning combos. They come in several forms:

  • Standard wilds
  • Stacked wilds
  • Sticky wilds
  • Shifting wilds
  • Expanding wilds

Beginners should familiarize themselves with terms like coins (the bets placed) and paylines (potential winning line patterns). Other notable features include:

  • Jackpot: The top prize in some slot games, particularly progressive slots.
  • Scatters: Special symbols that can unlock bonus features.
  • Total bet: The cumulative wager amount.
  • Autoplay: A feature for setting a predetermined number of automatic spins.
  • Payline number: Indicates active bet lines, which can sometimes be adjusted.
  • Quick Spin: A function for skipping animations and revealing the spin outcome immediately.
  • Coin Value: Adjusts the denomination of each coin wagered.
  • Balance: Displays the player’s current funds.

✔ Online Slot Bonuses

Spotting a bonus symbol in the paytable means the slot offers a bonus round. These casino bonuses vary, with free spins being the most common. Bonus rounds can also include mini-games or skill-based challenges. Before playing, it’s wise to review the bonuses offered by the online slot, including welcome or signup bonuses typically involving extra funds or free spins on initial deposits. Always read the bonus terms, noting time limitations and deposit requirements.

✔ Understanding Wagers in Online Slots

While online slots are straightforward, understanding wagering requirements is key, especially when playing with bonus funds. Wagering requirements dictate how much must be bet before bonus winnings can be withdrawn. Some promotions offer wager-free bonuses, allowing for immediate withdrawal of wins. Players can calculate their required playthrough for bonuses, ensuring they understand when and how they can withdraw their winnings.

✔ Best Practices for Online Slot Play

Engaging in online slots should be enjoyable and safe. Players are encouraged to capitalize on welcome bonuses and set firm gambling limits. It’s crucial to verify the licensing and reliability of any online casino before playing. Wise players will always check the total bet before spinning and know when to step away from a game.

✔ Exploring Slot Online offers an accessible platform for enjoying a wide array of slot games. Players can browse through various slots, from new releases to beloved classics, and enjoy special promotions and bonuses. Notably, understanding the RTP and other game mechanics is key to a fulfilling slot experience, ensuring players make informed decisions in the realm of virtual slot gaming.

Enhancing Your Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tactics

Mastering Texas Hold ‘Em Poker involves skillful play and a bit of luck. Knowledge of the game’s rules and effective strategies significantly boosts your winning odds. Essential tactics in Texas Hold ‘Em include understanding your playing position, keeping an eye on competitors’ actions, recognizing the right moments to fold, and strategically reducing the number of players in the game.

✔ Positional Awareness

In Texas Hold ‘Em, being “on the button” is advantageous. This position means you act last in three of the four betting rounds, giving you a comprehensive view of the remaining players and helping you make more informed betting decisions.

Conversely, the small blind is less favorable. Acting first after each round can be challenging, though it can sometimes be leveraged by playing assertively.

Moreover, consider the number of players left in the game. A hand unsuitable for a seven-player game might become valuable in a two or three-player scenario, as competition diminishes. With fewer players, frequent betting is necessary, demanding a more aggressive approach.

✔ Analyze Your Opponents

Avoid focusing solely on your hand; observe your opponents’ chip counts, potential hands, and their best possible outcomes considering the shared community cards.

Identify patterns in players’ betting behaviors. An unusually high bet from a typically cautious player might signal a strong hand. Conversely, a substantial bet following a significant loss could indicate impulsive betting, presenting an opportunity to counter with a strong hand.

✔ Control the Flop Access

If your hand justifies seeing the flop, ensure others pay to see it too. Beginners often prefer cheap access to the flop, but this can backfire. For instance, with an A-K hand, allowing opponents with weaker hands to see a cheap flop might result in unfavorable outcomes. Eliminate weaker hands early when possible.

✔ Be Ready to Fold Post-Flop

Beginners may hesitate to fold after the flop, feeling committed due to their prior bets. However, if the flop doesn’t enhance your hand, especially without holding a high pair, consider folding to avoid further losses.

For example, a flop that doesn’t complement your A-K hand, like J-J-5, diminishes your odds, especially against opponents with better hands. Sometimes, even when the flop seems favorable, like pairing your Q-6 hand, be cautious of higher pairs on the board.

✔ Strategic Play in Later Rounds

Enhance your gameplay during the turn and river by adhering to these tips:

  • With a potential draw post-turn, aim for a cost-effective route to the river.
  • If you’re confident in your hand post-turn, increase the cost for others to see the river.
  • Be vigilant for potential full houses when the community cards show a pair.
  • Stay alert for flushes when the board displays three cards of the same suit.
  • Post-river, base your decisions on the actual value of your hand, as no further improvement is possible. Bluffing is generally inadvisable if you suspect a stronger hand from your opponent.

5 Easy Online Gambling Games (Winning Guarantee)

What should you do if you want to win while playing trusted online gambling? One of the steps you can take is to choose a gambling game that is easy to play. It is certainly easier for you to win them by playing easy games, and fortunately, not all gambling games on online gambling sites are difficult. Because in fact, some games are classified as easy to play even though there are still bettors who don’t realize it.

The Following Are Recommendations for Easy Online Gambling Games

If you also don’t really know which online betting games fall into the easy category, then you are quite lucky. The reason is that on this occasion, we will provide recommendations for five online gambling games that fall into the easiest category. So for those of you, especially those who are new to newbies or new, it is guaranteed that you will no longer have trouble winning the gambling game. How curious is not the recommendation, then look at the following recommendations directly.

Online Slots

Easy Online Gambling Games

One of the gambling games that is the first recommendation here is online slot gambling. So if you play on a slot pragmatic bet dengan murah site, it doesn’t hard to choose this game. In this online slot game, in terms of games, it is similar to games in children’s games. So you just have to pull the slot machine lever and just wait if the slot machine will stop at the same row of images. If later the machine stops and three of the same pictures come out, the player gets the jackpot. There are also many types of online slot games, and this is one of its main attractions.

Online Cockfighting

The second recommendation is the online cockfighting gambling game, which is also in demand by many people. To play the game of cockfighting is also very easy because players only have to choose one of the fighting cocks and just place the bet. Later the two chickens will be pitted, and players can watch it via live streaming.

Online Poker

Easy Online Gambling Games

This third recommendation is incomplete if you don’t include online poker gambling games. Now, who doesn’t know this very popular card game and everyone knows how to play it too. So for those of you who are playing online gambling for the first time, there is nothing wrong with choosing to play this easy online poker gambling. Here the players only need to compete for the value of the cards they have with other players, and the winner is the player who has the highest card value.

Online Football Gambling

Then there are also online soccer gambling games, which are also very easy for you to play even though you are not a fanatical fan of this sport. What is needed here is that you only need to find information about the soccer market before placing a bet. The many betting market choices available are also an added value of this game. Most bettors choose to play soccer gambling because the chances of winning the bet are quite large.

Domino Online

Easy Online Gambling Games

For this last recommendation, you can try playing online domino gambling, which is quite popular among bettors. This gambling game, which has another name, cassava gambling, is a traditional gambling game that is often played by the public. To master the domino game, it also doesn’t take long, so this game is included in the list of recommendations.

Among Us, A Simple Viral Game on 2020

Virtual games or online games In the midst of being discussed on social media lately. On Twitter, for example, many accounts share screenshots followed by feelings of annoyance and excitement at the game.

game among us

What is the online game Among Us? Among Us itself is a bold game made by developer InnerSloth which has been released since June 15, 2018, on Android and iPhone, as well as computers or Windows PCs as of August 17, 2018. Citing the SBNation page, Among Us, who is truly a “game of teamwork and betrayal”, tells the story of the journey of 10 astronauts on a space mission.

However, the mission will meet challenges because one of them is a killer in disguise. In the game, the only people keeping an eye on the undercover killer are other con artists, and their job is to sabotage missions or kill players without being noticed. When someone finds a body or a two-match emergency meeting is held, players argue about who they think is a con.

They will share information about what they saw, who was not present, and if anyone was acting suspiciously. Suppose this game sounds familiar because it looks like Werewolf or Mafia, which already existed before. But with body language to get information, making Among Us is called a more extraordinary experience than Werewolf or Mafia.

Infographics Among Us How to play the online game Among Us Reporting from Fanbyte, Among Us players will play with four to nine other players virtually. The number of players is determined by the host or players hosting the game. Apart from determining the game’s total players, the host can also choose the map or arena that you want, starting from The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

Each location has its own theme, for example, The Skeld, which is the theme of the spaceship. Players will play the role of astronaut Crewmates or Fraudsters, each of whom has their own duties. These two roles will be assigned randomly, and the player cannot see who is the Crewmates or Impostors. Players who become Crewmates should complete available tasks, such as fixing damaged cables, cleaning trash, and others.

game among us

Crewmates must also identify the player who is the Impostor before they kill you. Killing all of his Crewmates and posing as them is the job of the Impostor. Players with the role of con artists who can sabotage the system, such as reducing oxygen, destroying reactors, and closing room doors. They, too, can be hurtful. During the game, no one can speak to maintain anonymity.

If the Crewmates find the bodies of their colleagues, they can report to hold an emergency meeting with all the players to determine who the culprit is, aka the con man. This is where the sheep-fighting begins. Each player can appoint one of them who is suspected of being a fraud. If the original Cheater is not selected in the vote, the game will continue. While Crewmates who happen to be able to choose the highest will be kicked out of the game. The game ends when the Crewmates succeed in realizing all the Cheats, or the Fraudsters response as the winner if they kill all the Crewmates.

Unfortunately, every game will be played differently, and there is no surefire way to convince someone that you are not a con. Therefore, according to Fanbyte, here are some things to consider when you talk to other players: Don’t talk too much. Instead of accusing people, support players who blame the wrong people. Prepare a good alibi for any discussion. Study lots of mini-games so you can coherently explain what you are doing.

Give short, clear answers when asked questions. Things that explain too much usually backfire. Towards the end, it’s okay to immediately accuse someone for upsetting you. Becoming a con artist takes trickery and cunning, so it may take a few games before you really get the hang of it.

5 Games that Should be Played Together

Family or friends are one of the biggest business targets for the video game industry. However, with the prominence of AAA video games in a market dominated by violence and action that is only suitable when played alone, the existence of several video games made especially for families seems to be swallowed up by a storm. However, did you know that many developers still make games that are only fun when played with your friends or family? What are the games? Let’s take a look at our list below.

1. Mario Party Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

Mario Party

Do you remember the game of monopoly? If so, then Mario Party is a much better alternative to the board game. This game will bring you, your friends, or your family in a basic game that is similar to a monopoly. Unlike the monopoly, which uses money as the basis of the game and runs independently, you will instead be taken to play several unique minigames in each stop square together.

2.Overcooked (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Overcooked will require you and your friends or family members to become chefs and cook some foods that appear within a specified time. Each mission in the campaign has a different story. Interestingly, this game is specially made to be played with your friends or family on one screen. If you insist on playing the game alone, you have to control two chef characters to cook alone because bots cannot help you.

3. Rocket League (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Rocket League

This game’s initial concept is indeed very simple, namely playing football but using a car as the player. The presence of the Rocket League not only provides a new trend but also brings players to more interesting sports games. You will be faced with a match with a maximum of 10 players in an arena where you have to fight for a giant ball to be shot at your opponent’s goal. Because this game uses a car as the basis for the game, you can perform various maneuvers such as flips to spin like a tornado. Of course, the game will be more exciting if your friends or family play it.

4.Splatoon Series (Nintendo Wii U and Switch)

Making its debut on the Nintendo Wii U, Splatoon is a non-violent multiplayer paint shooter like Call of Duty that is safe for your family and friends. You will shoot paint with three players against four other players in a match in the arena. Not only online multiplayer, but you can also play local multiplayer by connecting your Nintendo Wii U or Switch in one connection. Read Also: Top 7 Microgaming Slots

5. Mario Kart Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

Mario Kart

Remember Crash Team Racing or Speed ​​Punks on the first PlayStation? If so, then you will really love the Mario Kart series. Having a concept that is more or less the same as the two games, Mario Kart will take you, your friends, and your family to race along the beautiful tracks of the fantasy world, with various power-ups containing unique weapons to trap or knock down opponents in front of you.

5 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

Among the many game genres available in Playstore, shooter or shooter themed games are certainly the most popular ones.

In addition to providing a great sensation of excitement, shooting games also require a good strategy and focus so that your way of thinking becomes smarter.

More fun, of course, if you can play a game of shooting without an internet connection. Now, if you want an exciting shootout game but don’t need an internet connection, you can play the following line of Android offline shooter games.

✔ Neon Shadow

In terms of visual treats, Neon Shadow is somewhat similar to the Halo game. Here you are required to save humans from mechanoid attacks. Neon Shadow has a mission that can be played with three difficulty levels.

There are various types of sophisticated weapons that you can use later to incapacitate enemies, ranging from machine guns, shotguns, and much more. In addition to providing a single-player mode, there is also a multiplayer mode where you can work together in crippling enemies.

Overall, this game has somewhat spoiled controls and graphics. The weakness of this game may lie in the absence of the allure of characters and stories that are less interesting.

✔ Respawnables

In terms of gameplay, Respawanables is somewhat similar to Shadowgun Deadzone. But this game is packed with more relaxed and fun. One of the conveniences of this game is the auto-lock that allows you to shoot enemies easily.

All you have to do is move the cursor towards your opponent, and auto-lock will lock. Indeed, this game provides 2 modes, namely singleplayer and multiplayer. There is no story in the single-player because you will fight AI in a map.

But unique, you will be given mini-quests, such as killing 3 enemies in 2 minutes, surviving in 30 seconds, and so forth. If you complete the mission, you can get cash rewards that can be used to buy weapons and equipment. Now later, you can use it in multiplayer mode.

✔ Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Are you including someone who likes to watch cowboy-themed films? If so, then this game called Six-Guns is required for you to play.

The game with the Third-Person Action genre has a fairly challenging mission, which is to save the population from attacks by rebels. Because the character you are using is a cowboy, so in this game, you are required to be a brave cowboy in defending the truth.

Even more interesting, this game also offers enemies who are present with supernatural figures. Which is where you will be served by a sensation that is quite terrible. Sounds interesting, right?

✔ Enemy Strike 2

Despite having not as many downloads as previous Android shooter games, Enemy Strike 2 offers a very epic war sensation.

The enemy you will fight here is a horde of aliens with deadly artificial intelligence. Because the enemies you face are tough, you will be equipped with sophisticated weaponry. Interestingly, this game also provides the strongest enemy or the so-called Boss.

To be able to defeat it, you need a special strategy, of course. Besides having slick gameplay, this game also offers graphics that are very good as a game console. There are 5 gameplay modes, as well as 30 sophisticated weapons that you can later upgrade in this game. (Read more: 5 of The Best Offline Zombie Games You Must Play!).

✔ Cover Fire

Standing under the auspices of a developer called Genera Games, Cover Fire is a shooting war game designed with super cool HD quality graphics.

Before playing, you will have to choose one of several character choices that have their abilities and characteristics. When playing, don’t think your job is to attack the enemy, because there will be missions in every level that must be completed.

At each level, you will be confronted with a Boss who has the strength multiplied from you, and to defeat him, you must set the best strategy.

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