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5 Easy Online Gambling Games (Winning Guarantee)

What should you do if you want to win while playing trusted online gambling? One of the steps you can take is to choose a gambling game that is easy to play. It is certainly easier for you to win them by playing easy games, and fortunately, not all gambling games on online gambling sites are difficult. Because in fact, some games are classified as easy to play even though there are still bettors who don’t realize it.

The Following Are Recommendations for Easy Online Gambling Games

If you also don’t really know which online betting games fall into the easy category, then you are quite lucky. The reason is that on this occasion, we will provide recommendations for five online gambling games that fall into the easiest category. So for those of you, especially those who are new to newbies or new, it is guaranteed that you will no longer have trouble winning the gambling game. How curious is not the recommendation, then look at the following recommendations directly.

Online Slots

Easy Online Gambling Games

One of the gambling games that is the first recommendation here is online slot gambling. So if you play on a slot pragmatic bet dengan murah site, it doesn’t hard to choose this game. In this online slot game, in terms of games, it is similar to games in children’s games. So you just have to pull the slot machine lever and just wait if the slot machine will stop at the same row of images. If later the machine stops and three of the same pictures come out, the player gets the jackpot. There are also many types of online slot games, and this is one of its main attractions.

Online Cockfighting

The second recommendation is the online cockfighting gambling game, which is also in demand by many people. To play the game of cockfighting is also very easy because players only have to choose one of the fighting cocks and just place the bet. Later the two chickens will be pitted, and players can watch it via live streaming.

Online Poker

Easy Online Gambling Games

This third recommendation is incomplete if you don’t include online poker gambling games. Now, who doesn’t know this very popular card game and everyone knows how to play it too. So for those of you who are playing online gambling for the first time, there is nothing wrong with choosing to play this easy online poker gambling. Here the players only need to compete for the value of the cards they have with other players, and the winner is the player who has the highest card value.

Online Football Gambling

Then there are also online soccer gambling games, which are also very easy for you to play even though you are not a fanatical fan of this sport. What is needed here is that you only need to find information about the soccer market before placing a bet. The many betting market choices available are also an added value of this game. Most bettors choose to play soccer gambling because the chances of winning the bet are quite large.

Domino Online

Easy Online Gambling Games

For this last recommendation, you can try playing online domino gambling, which is quite popular among bettors. This gambling game, which has another name, cassava gambling, is a traditional gambling game that is often played by the public. To master the domino game, it also doesn’t take long, so this game is included in the list of recommendations.

Among Us, A Simple Viral Game on 2020

Virtual games or online games In the midst of being discussed on social media lately. On Twitter, for example, many accounts share screenshots followed by feelings of annoyance and excitement at the game.

game among us

What is the online game Among Us? Among Us itself is a bold game made by developer InnerSloth which has been released since June 15, 2018, on Android and iPhone, as well as computers or Windows PCs as of August 17, 2018. Citing the SBNation page, Among Us, who is truly a “game of teamwork and betrayal”, tells the story of the journey of 10 astronauts on a space mission.

However, the mission will meet challenges because one of them is a killer in disguise. In the game, the only people keeping an eye on the undercover killer are other con artists, and their job is to sabotage missions or kill players without being noticed. When someone finds a body or a two-match emergency meeting is held, players argue about who they think is a con.

They will share information about what they saw, who was not present, and if anyone was acting suspiciously. Suppose this game sounds familiar because it looks like Werewolf or Mafia, which already existed before. But with body language to get information, making Among Us is called a more extraordinary experience than Werewolf or Mafia.

Infographics Among Us How to play the online game Among Us Reporting from Fanbyte, Among Us players will play with four to nine other players virtually. The number of players is determined by the host or players hosting the game. Apart from determining the game’s total players, the host can also choose the map or arena that you want, starting from The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

Each location has its own theme, for example, The Skeld, which is the theme of the spaceship. Players will play the role of astronaut Crewmates or Fraudsters, each of whom has their own duties. These two roles will be assigned randomly, and the player cannot see who is the Crewmates or Impostors. Players who become Crewmates should complete available tasks, such as fixing damaged cables, cleaning trash, and others.

game among us

Crewmates must also identify the player who is the Impostor before they kill you. Killing all of his Crewmates and posing as them is the job of the Impostor. Players with the role of con artists who can sabotage the system, such as reducing oxygen, destroying reactors, and closing room doors. They, too, can be hurtful. During the game, no one can speak to maintain anonymity.

If the Crewmates find the bodies of their colleagues, they can report to hold an emergency meeting with all the players to determine who the culprit is, aka the con man. This is where the sheep-fighting begins. Each player can appoint one of them who is suspected of being a fraud. If the original Cheater is not selected in the vote, the game will continue. While Crewmates who happen to be able to choose the highest will be kicked out of the game. The game ends when the Crewmates succeed in realizing all the Cheats, or the Fraudsters response as the winner if they kill all the Crewmates.

Unfortunately, every game will be played differently, and there is no surefire way to convince someone that you are not a con. Therefore, according to Fanbyte, here are some things to consider when you talk to other players: Don’t talk too much. Instead of accusing people, support players who blame the wrong people. Prepare a good alibi for any discussion. Study lots of mini-games so you can coherently explain what you are doing.

Give short, clear answers when asked questions. Things that explain too much usually backfire. Towards the end, it’s okay to immediately accuse someone for upsetting you. Becoming a con artist takes trickery and cunning, so it may take a few games before you really get the hang of it.

7 Old Legacy PC Games That Are Still Fun Until Now!

Nowadays, game developers are competing to make PC games with the best graphic quality, ranging from highly detailed skin textures, realistic explosive effects, splashes of water that feel real, to virtual reality where you will feel fully inside the game world. Another case with old school games, old, or old rough language, where the play experience is more focused in terms of the story.

Whether you want to be nostalgic, or settle childhood debts because there are games that haven’t finished yet, playing one old school game once more will make you appreciate how much influence they have in the modern gaming world.

✓ System Shock 2

  • Release: August 11, 1999
  • Developer: Irrational Games

System Shock 2 is a game about fear and scarcity. The first game from Irrational Games is the origin of game mechanics now like BioShock: create a world that you will explore, enter characters, and let players witness the destruction of the world.

There is nothing more frightening than feelings of tension and isolation, coupled with the scarcity of equipment, materials for life, and without friends who can help. This is what System Shock 2 has to offer, a complex game and certainly very scary.

✓ Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

  • Release: December 3, 1991
  • Developer: LucasArts

This is the second game in the Monkey Island series and tells the story of the return of a pirate, LeChuck, who rose as a zombie after his death in the first game series, Monkey Island.

This special edition of the game was released in 2010, with a new voiceover and hint system, which will certainly make it easier for you to play the very difficult and old-school puzzle part. You can also switch between the original version and the new version, so don’t be afraid to lose the experience!

✓ Final Fantasy 8

  • Release: February 11, 1999
  • Developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 8 is not just a continuation of its predecessor, and he broke down many things from various aspects. The game mechanism was overhauled so that it was far different from its predecessor.

Instead of buying weapons, in this game, you have to assemble it yourself using existing materials. Instead of strengthening your character as levels increase in the game, you must collect spells to increase strength. The spells also can no longer be obtained from books or crystals, but you must steal from the enemy.

Almost everything in this game has been overhauled from the previous Final Fantasy series, and this changes the stigma that is already attached so tightly that the experience will be different from some of the previous games.

✓ Doom

  • Release: December 10, 1993
  • Developer: id Software

Doom is the ancestor of all first-person shooter games. As a sci-fi horror game, in Doom, you will join an army of extraterrestrials who slaughter monsters from hell.

Although not the best in terms of story, this game features its 3D graphics, as well as an exciting multiplayer mode. Now, you can play Doom on almost all computer machines, from printers to ATMs.

✓ Hexen: Beyond Heretic

  • Release: October 30, 1995
  • Developer: Raven Software

As a blend of first-person shooter and fantasy games, you can choose three groups of characters before invading a world full of monsters that need to be crushed.

This game is a sequel to Heretic, 1994, and you must choose a fighter, cleric, or mage before attacking the Serpent Riders, the last boss waiting in a room full of traps and puzzles. Hexen is not the best in terms of graphics, but there are many mods that you can install to improve the appearance of this game.

✓ StarCraft

  • Release: March 31, 1998
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Launched before Activision bought Vivendi’s company, Blizzard, StarCraft is a real-time strategy game set in space. You will choose one of three races, build a base and manage resources until finally invade another headquarters and colonize it.

StarCraft was the best PC game in its release year and became a culinary phenomenon in South Korea. This game was remastered in 2017.

✓ Chrono Trigger

  • Release: March 11, 1995
  • Developer: Square Enix

Crono is the name of the protagonist in this game. As a child living in the year 1000 AD, he was trapped in a mission to save the world when a time portal suddenly opened and swallowed a friend of Marle. Crono joins the portal to save Marle, and this is where your adventure through time begins.

What was originally just an attempt to save Marle, turned into a great mission to save the world from destruction due to the opening of the time portal.

This time-travel concept distinguishes Chrono Trigger and other RPG games because each of your decisions and actions in the past will affect the storyline of this game in the future.

Several other games in the SNES era also began to explore this time-travel genre. Still, only in Chrono Trigger, you will witness the entire existence of the planet from human origins to near the time of Resurrection.

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