5 Games that Should be Played Together

Games for family and friend

Family or friends are one of the biggest business targets for the video game industry. However, with the prominence of AAA video games in a market dominated by violence and action that is only suitable when played alone, the existence of several video games made especially for families seems to be swallowed up by a storm. However, did you know that many developers still make games that are only fun when played with your friends or family? What are the games? Let’s take a look at our list below.

1. Mario Party Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

Mario Party

Do you remember the game of monopoly? If so, then Mario Party is a much better alternative to the board game. This game will bring you, your friends, or your family in a basic game that is similar to a monopoly. Unlike the monopoly, which uses money as the basis of the game and runs independently, you will instead be taken to play several unique minigames in each stop square together.

2.Overcooked (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Overcooked will require you and your friends or family members to become chefs and cook some foods that appear within a specified time. Each mission in the campaign has a different story. Interestingly, this game is specially made to be played with your friends or family on one screen. If you insist on playing the game alone, you have to control two chef characters to cook alone because bots cannot help you.

3. Rocket League (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Rocket League

This game’s initial concept is indeed very simple, namely playing football but using a car as the player. The presence of the Rocket League not only provides a new trend but also brings players to more interesting sports games. You will be faced with a match with a maximum of 10 players in an arena where you have to fight for a giant ball to be shot at your opponent’s goal. Because this game uses a car as the basis for the game, you can perform various maneuvers such as flips to spin like a tornado. Of course, the game will be more exciting if your friends or family play it.

4.Splatoon Series (Nintendo Wii U and Switch)

Making its debut on the Nintendo Wii U, Splatoon is a non-violent multiplayer paint shooter like Call of Duty that is safe for your family and friends. You will shoot paint with three players against four other players in a match in the arena. Not only online multiplayer, but you can also play local multiplayer by connecting your Nintendo Wii U or Switch in one connection. Read Also: Top 7 Microgaming Slots

5. Mario Kart Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

Mario Kart

Remember Crash Team Racing or Speed ​​Punks on the first PlayStation? If so, then you will really love the Mario Kart series. Having a concept that is more or less the same as the two games, Mario Kart will take you, your friends, and your family to race along the beautiful tracks of the fantasy world, with various power-ups containing unique weapons to trap or knock down opponents in front of you.

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