5 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

Among the many game genres available in Playstore, shooter or shooter themed games are certainly the most popular ones.

In addition to providing a great sensation of excitement, shooting games also require a good strategy and focus so that your way of thinking becomes smarter.

More fun, of course, if you can play a game of shooting without an internet connection. Now, if you want an exciting shootout game but don’t need an internet connection, you can play the following line of Android offline shooter games.

✔ Neon Shadow

In terms of visual treats, Neon Shadow is somewhat similar to the Halo game. Here you are required to save humans from mechanoid attacks. Neon Shadow has a mission that can be played with three difficulty levels.

There are various types of sophisticated weapons that you can use later to incapacitate enemies, ranging from machine guns, shotguns, and much more. In addition to providing a single-player mode, there is also a multiplayer mode where you can work together in crippling enemies.

Overall, this game has somewhat spoiled controls and graphics. The weakness of this game may lie in the absence of the allure of characters and stories that are less interesting.

✔ Respawnables

In terms of gameplay, Respawanables is somewhat similar to Shadowgun Deadzone. But this game is packed with more relaxed and fun. One of the conveniences of this game is the auto-lock that allows you to shoot enemies easily.

All you have to do is move the cursor towards your opponent, and auto-lock will lock. Indeed, this game provides 2 modes, namely singleplayer and multiplayer. There is no story in the single-player because you will fight AI in a map.

But unique, you will be given mini-quests, such as killing 3 enemies in 2 minutes, surviving in 30 seconds, and so forth. If you complete the mission, you can get cash rewards that can be used to buy weapons and equipment. Now later, you can use it in multiplayer mode.

✔ Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Are you including someone who likes to watch cowboy-themed films? If so, then this game called Six-Guns is required for you to play.

The game with the Third-Person Action genre has a fairly challenging mission, which is to save the population from attacks by rebels. Because the character you are using is a cowboy, so in this game, you are required to be a brave cowboy in defending the truth.

Even more interesting, this game also offers enemies who are present with supernatural figures. Which is where you will be served by a sensation that is quite terrible. Sounds interesting, right?

✔ Enemy Strike 2

Despite having not as many downloads as previous Android shooter games, Enemy Strike 2 offers a very epic war sensation.

The enemy you will fight here is a horde of aliens with deadly artificial intelligence. Because the enemies you face are tough, you will be equipped with sophisticated weaponry. Interestingly, this game also provides the strongest enemy or the so-called Boss.

To be able to defeat it, you need a special strategy, of course. Besides having slick gameplay, this game also offers graphics that are very good as a game console. There are 5 gameplay modes, as well as 30 sophisticated weapons that you can later upgrade in this game. (Read more: 5 of The Best Offline Zombie Games You Must Play!).

✔ Cover Fire

Standing under the auspices of a developer called Genera Games, Cover Fire is a shooting war game designed with super cool HD quality graphics.

Before playing, you will have to choose one of several character choices that have their abilities and characteristics. When playing, don’t think your job is to attack the enemy, because there will be missions in every level that must be completed.

At each level, you will be confronted with a Boss who has the strength multiplied from you, and to defeat him, you must set the best strategy.

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