Month: December 2019

5 of The Best Offline Zombie Games You Must Play!

Of the many game genres available in the Google Play Store, zombie-themed games will certainly be the most exciting and challenging. The sensation of survival from zombie attacks is already the most eager for adrenaline.

If you want to be more satisfied, there are many zombie games for Android that you can play without an internet connection. Thus, you can play this adrenaline-boosting game with satisfaction without worrying about the network.

For those of you who are looking for recommendations on the best offline zombie games for Android, here are 10 choices. Anything? Let’s check it out!

✔ The Dead Uprising

In this 3D offline zombie game, you are required to kill zombies that roam around you. Some zombies who are bosses have to be conquered with special strategies and weapons.

Even if you only have to shoot the zombies, you still have to have special skills in shooting. More effective to kill zombies with a headshot.
As you complete the task, you will get bonus rewards that you can use to buy equipment.

✔ Zombie Frontier: Sniper

After the success of its predecessor series Zombie Frontier I and II, the developer returned to present a new series that is increasingly interesting from its gameplay offerings.

In this game, you are assigned to save yourself by running from a city that has become a city of death because the gripping zombies seized it.

While saving yourself with supplies, you also need to keep those who are still alive, such as hiding in warehouses, supermarkets, or wherever. There are more than 16 weapons that you can use later, such as Crossbow, P90, Katana, Dragunov, and many more.

✔ Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2 is a Zombie Apocalypse game that you can also play offline.

Different from most games that carry a similar concept, Zombie Age 2 has its uniqueness in which the developer packs the game with playful styles and images. Especially the characters are made with short and funny stature.

The value of this game itself lies in the game control, which is quite simple. As the game progresses, you can later buy new weapons up to the character. Oh yes, each region has its own goals. For example, survive a zombie attack for one minute.

✔ Into The Dead 2

Unlike the previous version, Into The Dead 2 brings Infinite Runner gameplay, where our main task is to run and survive as long as possible.

The thing that makes this android zombie game offline interesting is the number of scenes and stories. You will also be served by various types of weapons available to fight the terrible zombies.

By playing this game, you will certainly be brought to a truly thrilling survival experience. Oh yes, in this game, you will also find many items that must be purchased.

✔ The Walking Dead Series

The Walking Dead is one of the best TV series that has millions of fans in various parts of the world. Seeing this popularity, finally, The Walking Dead is packaged in the form of mobile games that you can play offline.

The Walking Dead Series is so in demand by gamers today because it can present dramatic stories that make the players feel various sensations, such as tension, fear, to sadness.

Because it has a story that is so strong, the gameplay of this game is an Interactive Story type. Which one you choose later will influence the course of the story in the game.

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