The Oregon Trail Game Free Download & Mac OS X Install Guide

Author: Glenn Scrima

Guide By System:
Windows game

Apple game

First Download The Free Game The Oregon Trail:

Choose from one of the following sites.

Free game download availableAbandonia : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download unavailableMr Old Games : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download brokenXTC Abandonware : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download availableThe House of Games : Download Game : Download Instructions

Next Download the Emulator Dosbox for Mac OS X:

Go To: > Downloads Tab > Click the Mac OS X version (Under the Dosbox category)

Next Create the Game Folders:

First: Open "Finder" and then locate and open the "Documents" folder.

Next: In the "Documents" folder create a folder called "Games" (If you already have done this step for another guide skip this step).

Now: Open the "Games" folder and within it create a folder called "OregonTrail".

Next Copy The Oregon Trail Game Files:

First: Locate the "Oregon Trail" zip file you downloaded and then "copy and paste" or "drag and drop" the file into the "OregonTrail" folder you just created.

Now: With the game zip file in the "OregonTrail" folder double click on the zip file to extract its contents into the "OregonTrail" folder.

Next: Double click on the "Dosbox" zip file. You will then see a "Dosbox" icon on your desktop. Double click on this icon.

Now: This will show the "Dosbox" program along with other various files. "Copy and paste" or "drag and drop" these files into the "OregonTrail" folder you just created.

Oregon Trail Setup & Installation:

First: Run Dosbox by double clicking on the Dosbox program icon.

Next: At the the command prompt in Dosbox type "config -writeconf dosbox.conf" and then press the "Enter" key.

Next: Type "exit" to exit Dosbox.

Now: Locate and open the Dosbox config file.

Finally: With the "dosbox.conf" file open scroll to the bottom. We are going to place some text below [autoexec]:

Abandonia: For those who downloaded the game The Oregon Trail from Abandonia copy and paste the following text:

mount c ~/documents/games/oregontrail
cd oregon

The House of Games: For those who downloaded the game The Oregon Trail from The House of Games copy and paste the following text:

mount c ~/documents/games/oregontrail
cd oregon~2

Save and exit the config file when you are finished.

Now Let's Setup The Oregon Trail's Sound (Abandonia Only):

First: Double click on the Dosbox program in the OregonTrail folder.

Next: At the "C:\OREGON>" prompt type "setup" and press enter.

DOS setup command
At the Oregon Trail introduction screen press enter again. Next you will see a menu labeled "Sound Configuration". Click the small circle next to "Sound Blaster" then click the "OK" button when you are done.

Next: You should now be back at the "C:\OREGON>" prompt in Dosbox. Type "exit" and then press enter to exit Dosbox.

DOS exit command
Now: We are going to edit the Dosbox config file again. Locate and open the "dosbox.conf" file.

Finally: Scroll down to the section at the bottom labeled [autoexec]. Under the commands we entered before type "oregon".

Save and exit the config file when are done.

The Adventure Begins!:

Double click on the Dosbox program in the "OregonTrail" folder and the game The Oregon Trail will launch, enjoy!

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Ian said...

I am using dosbox for mac os x and it prompts me to choose which app to use to open the "dosbox.conf" file. Which app should I use?

Sos said...

Glen, I can't open the dosbox.conf file, please advise. It says "there is no default application specified to open the document dosbox.conf. When I set dosbox as the default application, I get "illegal command: DOSBOX.CONF ". Please help!

Anonymous said...

Open in TextEdit. That's what I did, worked like a charm! Thanks, Glenn!

Glenn Scrima said...

No problem, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This is terrific, easy to use and works like a charm! Thanks so much!

bnlca05 said...

DOSbox says it's unable to change to: oregon, so I can't start the setup. What do I do?

Anonymous said...


Glenn Scrima said...

Bnlca05 are you using the Abandonia copy?


Anonymous said...

I am not getting the c:\oregon prompt when I open dosbox...even after I saved the new lines into the conf.

Anonymous said...

This is what it says....
Z:\>mount c ~/documents/games/oregontrailc:cd oregon
directory/Users/rydstn/documents/games/oregontrailc:cd doesn't exist


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was simple and clear.
I'm having a great time reminiscing about the Oregon Trail.

Anonymous said...

I get an error saying drive C Doesn't exist. I'm on a Mac OSX 10.4.11. My main Hard drive is called "Macintosh HD" and not Drive C does that make a difference. Tried mounting the drive but not sure what to mount.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Not to take the complexity out of your guide but you should check out Boxer ( It leaves out the majority of the Dosbox command prompt tweaking and is very simple to configure and use. It's also free!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the boxer program made it so simple, wasn't able to mount the c drive

Anonymous said...

hey glenn thanks a lot, but dosbox says that oregon is an illegal command
a little help please

Anonymous said...

great walkthrough glenn. followed the instructions easily and are now running it! thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to mount my c drive?

Rick said...

I can't mount to C

Anonymous said...

Make sure you label the file "OregonTrail" instead of "Oregon Trail" take the space out, it should work. I can't get past oregon being illegal, though.

Anonymous said...

I also cannot get past the oregon being illegal

Hanah and Sophie D. said...

I tried to open dosbox.conf in TextEdit, but it didn't work, so I am not able to get past that step.
Any ideas?