The Config File is Missing in Dosbox 0.73. How Do I Fix This? (Updated)

Author: Glenn Scrima

The transition from Dosbox 0.72 to 0.73 has seen a number of improvements in terms of performance and compatibility. With these changes however comes changes for the config file which has been available in previous versions of Dosbox without any additional steps. If you are running into trouble because of this, as many visitors will, I recommend one of two options (listed below). I am currently in the process of updating all of the guides on this site with the new version of Dosbox in mind but it will take time to do this. In the meantime it is best to use one of the two methods listed below.

Option 1 (Create a Config File):

First: Open Dosbox by double clicking on the Dosbox program icon.

Next: At the the command prompt in Dosbox type "config -writeconf dosbox.conf" and then press the "Enter" key.

Next: Type "exit" to exit Dosbox.

Finally: If the first command you entered in Dosbox was done correctly you will now see a new Dosbox config file in the same folder the Dosbox program is located in.

Option 2 (Download Dosbox 0.72):

First: Go to the Dosbox Website.

Next: Click on the section labeled "Old dosbox versions".

Next: Click on the link labeled "0.72".

Now: This will show three additional links. Click on the one labeled "Dosbox0.72-win32-installer.exe" and you will be able to download version 0.72 of Dosbox.

Finally: With version 0.72 of Dosbox downloaded follow the other steps as they are written in the games guide and the game will run as before.

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Anonymous said...

The config file is not missing, it's just somewhere else where a user without admin rights can write it (Vista and such).

Use Start menu->DOSBox 0.73->Configuration->Edit Configuration.

schizosmurf said...

the conf file is in "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\DOSBox"
replace your USERNAME, obviously

Glenn Scrima said...

The problem you run into with those methods is running multiple copies of Dosbox with multiple game files. I find the method above to be a more simple and straightforward solution.


bobby said...

my problem is this. I follow the steps as above, and when I'm ready to go, I open dosbox, and it's the same stupid screen as it is when you open it by itself without the game, and I don't know what the next step is.

by the by, I tried inputting those three lines from the configure file in dosbox, and it didn't help...

Anonymous said...

I've followed all these steps but can't launch the game. What do i do?

Glenn Scrima said...

Bobby what does dosbox say as you enter each line? Make sure you press enter after entering each line.


Glenn Scrima said...

Does the config file show up in the games folder? Also which game are you trying to run?


Alex said...

Hey, when I edit the configuration via what the first anonymous said, it still loads dosbox.conf rather than dosbox-0.73.conf which is where I made the actual changes. The problem is that I don't know where dosbox.conf is and using the -writeconf command won't create it. Can anyone help?

Alex said...

Nevermind, found out that creating a shortcut and using the -conf command, followed by "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\DOSBox\dosbox-0.73.conf" loaded the settings from there, auto-mounting C:. Thanks for the help schizosmurf.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to run simcity 2000 after following the steps and it comes up with: Z:\>SET BLASTER=A220 17 D1 H5 T6

Z:\>mount; c c:\games\sim2000
Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\games\sim2000\


C:\>cd simc2000
Unable to change to: simc2000.

Illegal command: sc2000.


is there anything i can do?

Anonymous said...

At last someone who can give an exact example of what to do rather than the all too-prevalent 'should be loaded', 'can be configured/set up to...' and so on. So for anyone else out there other than this fine fellow, remember to answer the angry query by your readers of BY DOING WHAT? before waffling of what can be done instead of detailing how to do it!

hidayat said...

i type "config -writeconf dosbox.conf" and then press the "Enter" key.

it shows illegal command: confiq.

why? im not that really good in IT. can anyone help me.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi hidayat, double check for an accidental misspelling when you entered it. I noticed on your message the first time you spelled config with a g and bellow it with a q. This would cause this error if that happened to be the case.


Monika Czaplicka said...

thanks! It worked :)

Anonymous said...

I have tried extracting the file twice and also mounting it with the commands at the top and also manually and it isn't working....what should i do now??

Anonymous said...

btw the config file is appearing and i have copied and pasted the correct info. but i cannot access anything on the C:\ idk im very confused

Anonymous said...

Hi, I followed your instructions, created the conf file and then downloaded and extracted the files. But when I go and double click on the dosbox icon it just takes me to Z:> it's normal opening page, have I done something wrong?

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi head back to the config file and make sure all the commands are below the section labeled [autoexec]. It sounds like they didn't get saved as Dosbox isn't loading them.


Anonymous said...

howdy! Dosbox is now version .74, and I am also now experiencing the same missing config issues that other users have mentioned -- any idea if the new version will require new steps to play the game?

Thanks for having such a great site, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Replying to anonymous August 14, 2010 3:50 PM.

The config file for version 0.74 can be easily accessed via Start > DOSBox-0.74 > Options > DOSBox 0.74 Options.

Anonymous said...

I have loaded the game and carried out the DOSBOX commands and the game is running fine. However, when trying to start track 3 OCEAN DRIVE an error appears in Dosbox saying " level003\colours.001" - error(bad data) in RLE
When trying to start track 5 CITY HEAT an error appears saying " LEVEL005\LEVEL005.000" - error(bad data) in RLE.
Can anyone help with this?

Mary said...

I don't know if anyone will respond to this since it's been so long since this was posted. But When I type the command "config -writeconf dosbox.conf" into DOSBox, it tells me "Can't open file dosbox.conf"

Am I doing something wrong?

Mary said...

Oh! Also, I'm on a Mac if that makes any difference.

Anonymous said...

i still get the Z message in dosbox after i change the config. what do i do?

Anonymous said...

hi, im up to the part where you 'open with' and then choose notepad. The option of clicking 'open with' isnt coming up. I have notepad on my computer but it is only coming up with the option 'open'. Im not very good with computers, hope you can help me.

mergaitÄ— said...

I don't understand... I'm following all steps, but the dosbox conf file doesn't appear :/

Olli said...

Hi, the dosbox file is missing, i can´t add the text. can anybody help me?
It´s vista 32 bit.

Anson said...

for me it just says.conf at the end of the file. it doesnt change to a config it'll say dosbox.conf :( please help!!

Anonymous said...

For me the config file isnt opening I've been trying to open it for 10 minutes now :l

Anonymous said...

I have done everything until setup. I have C:\> I type setup and get 'illegal command setup'
What do I need to do to fix this?

Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem with "illegal command: setup"

Any ideas?

Logan said...

I have created the config file but now when i try to open the config file with the "open with..." option the "open with.." option isn't there. How can i open the config file with the note pad so i can put in the commands on notepad. Please Help me?

Bill Jorgensen said...

Just right click the config file, and left click on "properties".
Make sure the properties of the config file show the .conf extension, and that the file is associated with notepad. It should just open notepad when you left click it.

Joelene said...

My game dont want to start, it sais :

Illegal command: war.

What did I do wrong?

Cody Nelson said...

hello! lovely site. way more helpful than the DOSBox support site. I still have a problem.

I got DOSBox. followed picture instruction. saved to separate directory. Got the CONF file. added:

mount c c:\games\oregon
cd oregon

the instructions say the command prompt should read
and i should type setup, however my command prompt is just C:\>
I'm still excited because I finally got the Z to go away. what did i do wrong? any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi, it looks like the Oregon folder within the C:\Games\Oregon folder wasn't found by dosbox. So the first two lines of the code worked but the "cd oregon" line didn't work because of a missing folder. Is there a folder named "Oregon" within the C:\Games\Oregon folder?