How to Capture a Screenshot in Dosbox During Gameplay

Author: Glenn Scrima

A sometimes useful feature for gamers is the ability to capture a picture of what went on during a gaming session they had. These are always fun to show friends if something crazy happened and can be useful for other reasons as well. While we see a lot of these screenshots for modern games such as World of Warcraft and Halo 3 it also is something that can easily be done in any DOS game as well.

The Pandora Directive screenshot

First: Open a game you want to play. When you come to a point when you want to capture what's on screen hold down the "Ctrl" and "F5" keys at the same time.

Ctrl and F5 keys
Next: After you finish playing the game go to the folder where the game's Dosbox program is located. I'll use my copy of Pandora Directive as an example. So for me I would head over to the "C:" drive and then the "Games" folder and then finally the "Pandora" folder within it.

Finally: In the folder where the Dosbox program is located there should be a folder called "capture". This will be where the screenshot you took is located. Double click on the "capture" folder and any screenshots you took during gameplay will be there for you to view and use.

Image capture folderThat's all there is to it, enjoy!

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Bob Durtschi said...

I post it here because you don't have a "Post a Comment" link on the "Close dosbox page.

You can “escape” from dosbox back to Windows without closing it by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard. It’s the middle key of the group to the left of the space-bar on most keyboards. At that point you could minimize or close it.

Karen N. said...

Ha ha ha that's the exact game I wanted to screencap! X-D

Come on Tex!