I can't download the game at Abandonia! What should I do?

Author: Glenn Scrima

Although Abandonia has an excellent selection of games and is well maintained it like any other site experiences some server issues from time to time. If you are experiencing issues downloading a game it is likely there is an issue with their server. These issues are usually fixed relatively fast however if you are looking for an immediate solution there are some other Abandonware sites that may have the game as well. It should be noted that each guide has not been tested with the files provided by the following sites (unless otherwise stated) so there could be issues running the game. If this should occur it may be best to wait for Abandonia to fix their server issues.

Alternative Abandonware Sites:
XTC: Abandonware
Abandon Games
Home of the Underdogs
The House of Games

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I can't download from Abandonia. What should I do?
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Mike said...

we have the disks for the game turbo science and want to load it in windowsxp and it doesn't want to come up.

manjinder_rai2004 said...

I found a copy of the game on Bestoldgames.net

it seems to work bar the music, altohugh that may be downto something that i'm doing wrong

Anonymous said...

i can't download it from there because i have to pay for it

Anonymous said...

and also i dont want to have to pay for it is there anything else you can recommend thanks

Wendi & ETs said...

I have many games I'd love to play, but some of them do not even appear to be on the site abandonia!!

In this case what would one do?