Dosbox Emulator FAQ: How to Close or Exit Dosbox

Author: Glenn Scrima

So you finally got your favorite game running and after a long session of replaying old memories you are ready to call it a night. After quitting the game, you're back at the C:\> prompt in Dos and quickly get frustrated with the archaic interface and use the tried and true CTRL-ALT-DEL. Although that method works there is a command to use to quickly exit Dosbox and its even quicker then the CTRL-ALT-DEL method. When you are back at the command prompt simply type "exit" and press enter.

That's all there is to it have fun gaming!


Video Tutorial:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your instructions, I wouldn't be able to have downloaded Willy Beamish without them. If you could just help with one more thing, how do I save while in the game?

Anonymous said...

You could also press "Ctrl + F9" to terminate DOSBox too, even while the game you playing is still running.

dfdfdfd said...

there is no "extract all" when I right click the "warcraft2"!!

dfdfdfd said...

there is no "extract all" when i right click the "warcraft2"!!!!!!