Constructor Game Free Download & Install Guide

Author: Glenn Scrima
(Please do not copy this guide. However anyone is free to link to this page.)

This game is currently not classified as Abandonware and is therefore unavailable for download. Check back for availability updates.

First Download the Free Constructor Game

Choose from one of the following sites.

Free game download availableAbandonia : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download unavailableXTC Abandonware : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download unavailableMr Old Games : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download unavailableThe House of Games : Download Game : Download Instructions

Next Download & Install the Emulator Dosbox on Windows:

Go To: > Downloads Tab > Click the Windows version (Under the Dosbox category)

Dosbox homepage
Next: Run the downloaded installer file and install Dosbox on your hard drive in the directory C:\Games\Constructor. Simply entering this will create these folders for you.

Dosbox installer
Constructor Windows folder
Next: Open the Games folder then the Constructor folder within it. Locate and then run Dosbox by double clicking on the Dosbox program icon.

Dosbox program
Next: At the the command prompt in Dosbox type "config -writeconf dosbox.conf" and then press the "Enter" key.

Creating the Constructor config file
Next: Type "exit" to exit Dosbox.

Exit DOS command
Now: Locate and right click on the Dosbox config file. Click "open with" & select notepad.

Editing config file
Finally: Copy and paste the following text in the section of the dosbox config file labeled [autoexec]:

mount c c:\games\constructor

Save and exit the config file when you are finished.

Now Lets Extract the Constructor Free Game Download:

First: Right click on the Constructor game file you downloaded to your hard drive and click on "Extract All".

Extracting the zip file
Then: Click the "Next" button when the extractor launches. You will be asked where you would like to save the extracted files, select "C:\Games\Constructor". When you're done click "Next" again and the files will begin to extract.

Zip extraction program

All Set and Ready to Play!:

Constructor screenshot
Double click on the Dosbox program in the "C:\Games\Constructor" folder and the game Constructor will launch, enjoy!

The config file is missing what do I do?
The game won't run on Windows Vista. What should I do?
The game runs sluggish. Is there a way to improve this?
How do I make the game launch in fullscreen mode?
How do I change the amount of RAM available?
How do I mount a hard drive or CD-ROM drive in Dosbox?
How do I change my machine type in Dosbox?
How do I capture a screenshot during gameplay?
I can't download from Abandonia. What should I do?
How do I close or exit Dosbox?


Anonymous said...

Two DosBox windows come up.

In the Status Window says "MIDI:opened device:win32"

The other after C:\>constr~1
"This program must be run under Win32"

Then C:\>game
Illegal command: game

This is the furthest I've ever reached trying to play Constructor after attempting it a couple of times. What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

game files have to be in the same folder + type game.exe as it is the name of the file. worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Alright, everything worked fine for me, Constructor started up, but there was no sound. Any help would be appreciated!

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi if you use the directions above game.exe will extract into the same folder. I just double checked by downloading the files again from abandonia.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi thanks for making me aware of the sound issue. You need to run the setsound program in Dosbox before running the game with the "game" command in Dosbox. I will try and get the guide updated with these steps as it looks like leaving it out had been an oversight when I originally wrote the guide.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, it worked like a charm.
Thanks for writing this excellent guide!

siaril said...

hi! i also have problems with the sound. can you help me solve it?

mormat said...

If you install the game - just make sure the "Display All Video Animations" is turned off, otherwise the game will crash each time you open any house screen.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi guys see my may 13th post above.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for excellent guide!

I'm experiencing a problem with the movie files though. I've turned them off in the settings but this doesn't seem to include the end of game movie (e.g. $1M after 40 years etc) and my game is now crashing at this point!

It's not a major problem but does anyone know if there a way around this?


Glenn Scrima said...

Hi I would first try an earlier version of dosbox and see if the problem persists.


Anonymous said...

Hey. I'm download Constructor from Abandonia. When I'm cheating in it, the game will crash. Please download from another source if you want cheating... So I'm download from another source and it not crash if you are cheating!

Hope help you

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi, you need to run the setsound program in Dosbox before running the game with the "game" command in Dosbox. I will try to edit the guide with these steps.


Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn, I tried the setsound thing but wasnt sure what to do from there.. I tried one you used for another game.. not sure which game .. I think it was alien.. but it didn't work as the menu was different than the one expected and I had to reinstall dosbox entirely. Any chance you could give me a tip on what to do once setsound opens up? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is there a guide for a free download? I have the game from another site becaue abdonia wants 6,99.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi which site did you download the game from?


LukMAR said...

when the game starts, it says: Unable to initialize network drivers and then crash :/ what should i do ?

KongKlam said...


i have a problem in Constructor. When using my bullies to attack other bullies - it crashes. Everytime. Anyone knows of a solution?


ale said...

DosBox says to me "cd must be in drive" any help??