Zork 1 (1982) Game Free Download & Install Guide

Author: Glenn Scrima

Zork 1 is one of the most famous titles from the text based adventure genre. This format may seem very antiquated at first glance but it really gives the game the feeling of an interactive novel. This game is good for people who are existing Zork fans or fans of text based and fantasy based adventures. Its even great for those looking to try something new.

(Please do not copy this guide. However anyone is free to link to this page.)

First Download The Free
Game Zork:

Choose from one of the following sites.

Free game download unavailableAbandonia : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download unavailableFree Game Empire : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download unavailableGamesWin : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download availableHouse of Games : Download Game : Download Instructions

Free game download availableXTC Abandonware : Download Game : Download Instructions

Next Download & Install the Emulator Dosbox on Windows:

Go To: http://www.dosbox.com > Downloads Tab > Click the Windows version (Under the Dosbox category).

Dosbox homepage

Next: Run the downloaded installer file and install Dosbox on your hard drive in the directory C:\Games\Zork1. Simply entering this will create these folders for you.


Next: Open the Games folder then the Zork1 folder within it. Locate and click on the Dosbox Options file.

Finally: Scroll to the bottom. We are going to place some text below [autoexec]:

XTC Abandonware: For those who downloaded the game Zork 1 from XTC Abandonware copy and paste the following text:

mount c c:\games\zork1

The House of Games: For those who downloaded the game Zork 1 from The House of Games copy and paste the following text:

mount c c:\games\zork1

Save and exit the config file when you are finished.

Now Lets Extract the Zork Free Game Download:

First: Right click on the Zork game file you downloaded to your hard drive and click on "Extract All".

Zork 1 game download

Then: Click the "Next" button when the extractor launches. You will be asked where you would like to extract the Zork 1 game files, select "C:\Games\Zork1" . When you're done click "Extract" and the Zork 1 files will begin to extract.

Zork 1 zip

The One That Started It All!:

Zork 1

Click on the Dosbox program in the Zork1 directory and the game Zork 1 will start, enjoy!

The config file is missing what do I do?
The game won't run on Windows Vista. What should I do?
The game runs sluggish. Is there a way to improve this?
How do I make the game launch in fullscreen mode?
How do I change the amount of RAM available?
How do I mount a hard drive or CD-ROM drive in Dosbox?
How do I change my machine type in Dosbox?
How do I capture a screenshot during gameplay?
I can't download from Abandonia. What should I do?
How do I close or exit Dosbox?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on how to run Zork. It just won't save.

Glenn Scrima said...

Are you using XP or Vista?


Brian said...

Me too, how do you save? Here is what I tried:







I have also tried all of them with a name after each one:

D:\save\zork1.dat Brian

Help on the syntax would be much appreciated. I am using Vista x64, running DOSBOX v6.5

Thanks, for your help.

If possible, e-mail me -> brian at akagame dot com <-

Thanks, again.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Brian, I just reinstalled Zork 1 and at the command prompt in the game typed


The game asked me to "Insert save disk then enter file name". I typed

zork.dat (the hit enter)

That worked on my machine when I tried it. Let me know if that works for you.


Glenn Scrima said...

Thanks I'll check it out.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to use DosBox for Infocom text adventure games. They work fine on my XP PC without DosBox.

Glenn Scrima said...

XP is a better OS for old DOS games but Vista has no support really so Dosbox is even more useful on it. I agree though there are some games that XP will still run fine.


Cathy said...

Dear Glenn,
I need a bit of help. Just rediscovered Zork1 and successfully loaded it, but I can't save. Deep frustration!!! I don't think my pc will read dat files. It is a Microsoft Windows XP. Maybe I have restrictions as it's a networked work pc.
Can you offer any advice? I'd be very grateful.
Many thanks

B said...

Just want to say that I couldn't get the Zork games to run under Windows-7 64-bit until I followed the instructions here to get it running under DOSBox. Although, the package I download has me running zork1.bat and not _zork.

B said...
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flaviomax2 said...

I can save it, but how do I load saved games?

Everytime I start it, it starts from the beginning, not from where I last saved...

Majora64 said...


i am having the same exact trouble as flaviomax2. i configured the game just you have on your instructions, but i cant save the game and load where i saved. i tried entering zork.dat as the save file, but cant locate that either.

I am hoping you can help me and flaviomax2 as well

Anonymous said...

To load a saved game

Restore > filepath of your saved game (e.g. c:\zork.dat)

AFAIK you can only have one saved game at a time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. Can you use the guide to run Zork 2 or 3? If not can you write a guide to run those games? thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. Can you use the guide to run Zork 2 or 3? If not can you write a guide to run those games? thanks

Anonymous said...

grazie mille, veramente bello come gioco!

Mean Joe Bilbo said...

Every Time I start It It Says "Z:\>mount c c:\games\zork1 Drive is mounted as a loacal directory c:\games\zork1\

Illegal command: _zork1"


aaaislinn said...

Thank you! I'm using XP on ParallelDesktop (on OSX Lion)and it works fine. I've tried many guide but yours is the right one.
Do you think you will post a guide for the other versions of Zork (2-3 etc)?

Jonas Rugys said...

This is great! Thank you so much.

Leon said...

Really good! I'm a Brazilian and I am learning english, and I believe of this game will help me much!

Thank you, man!

Lynnie said...

I'm a failure!
I followed all the steps to downloading the game, DOS, and stuff but it keeps telling me that it doesn't run on x64. I've never done this before so I need all kinds of help.

Natalie Muehlenbeck said...

Having the same problem as Mean Joe Bilbo. I keep getting
Illegal command: _zork1
Please Help!!!

Glenn Scrima said...

I just downloaded the game from XTC Abandonware and installed it again. The commands above worked as before. You may have entered them incorrectly or extracted the game to the wrong folder. I suggest copy and pasting the commands if you haven't before. Hope that helps.