Ultima V (5) - Warriors of Destiny Game Free Download & Install Guide

Author: Glenn Scrima

(Please do not copy this guide. However anyone is free to link to this page.)

First Download & Install Dosbox on Windows:

Go To:
http://www.dosbox.com > Downloads Tab > Click the Windows version (Under the Dosbox category)

Next: Run the downloaded installer file and install Dosbox on your hard drive in the directory C:\Games\Ultima5. Simply entering this will create these folders for you.

Next: With the dosbox config file open scroll to the bottom. We are going to place some text below [autoexec]:

mount c c:\games\ultima5
cd ultimav

Save and exit the config file when you are finished.

Now Lets Download The Free Game Ultima V:

Go To: http://abandonia.com

Next: Type "Ultima 5" in the game search box in the upper right corner of the main page and press enter.

After That: Click on "Ultima 5" in the game search results column.

Next: On the page that follows click on the "Get It!" button.

Finally: Click on the "Get It" button on following page and wait for your browser to give you the option to download and save the Ultima V file. Click the "Save" button and choose a directory on your hard drive where you would like to save the game file. Saving to your desktop is usually the default option and is probably the easiest place to save the Ultima V game for extraction.

Now Lets Extract The Ultima V Free Game Download:

First: Right click on the "Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny" file you saved to your hard drive and click on "Extract All".

Then: Click the "Next" button when the extractor launches. You will be asked where you would like to extract the Ultima V files, select "C:\Games\Ultima5". When you're done click "Next" again and the Ultima V files will begin to extract.

It's Play Time!:

Double click on the Dosbox program in the "C:\Games\Ultima5" folder and the game Ultima V will launch, enjoy!

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Daryl said...

Hi Glenn. When I use your directions for Ultima 5 it works fine with the original game. I installed the Ultima 5 upgrade (for sound), and the directions say to launch the games from the "Ultima 5" file it creates when you unzip the upgrade file. I cannot figure our how to set up the mount directory to make this work. Have you had any experience with this upgrade, or have any suggestions? Thanks.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Daryl, the first thing I'm thinking is if the mount commands in the guide don't work then it must change the files around like it said making the original launch file unusable. If you're clicking the other file it says to and its not working then it must be a DOS file since pretty nothing from the old operating system runs in XP without an emulator. I haven't used this file before but if you send a link to where I can find it I'll do a reinstall and check it out. Also do you know what directory the new file they want you to click on is in? Is it in the same folder and the dosbox program file?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Glenn! Awesome.

Glenn Scrima said...

Enjoy playing Ultima!


Eduarda said...

Hi, can you give me a hand?

When I'm placing that text, upon entering "cd ultimav", the program says it cannot change to that ("unable to change to ..." or something like that)

I've managed to play the game without inserting the text, but I'm not able to use numbers in the game (only the 5). And it's a huge deal (piano, mixing reagents, etc.) Do you think it could have anything to do with not placing that text? What should I do, then? (and no, it's not a keyboard problem; I've changed it)


Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Eduarda, are you running the game without Dosbox right now?


Merricat said...

Hello, Glenn;

First and foremost, thank you for putting so much time and effort into this guide. It's nice to play this old favourite again. When I first bought it, my computer had a horrible time trying to run it; you could almost go for a burger and milkshake between battle moves (yep, I'm old).

One problem, though: I'm having exactly the same trouble as Eduarda. I have no use of any number keys (except 5), which makes it tough going. This problem exists on both my desktop (WindowsXP Pro) and laptop (Vista, 32 bit). I "downgraded" from DosBox 1.73 to 1.72, thinking it was "beta-bugs", but still no go. And no: I can't play the game at all through the command prompt. DosBox is my only option.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Bette in Canada

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Bette no problem and welcome to the site. I didn't run into the same issue when I did a reinstall so I checked Abandonia's message board for the game and came up empty handed there as well. The only thing I can think of is try turning the numlock key both on and off and see if that has any effect in either position. Let me know if that helps at all.


Merricat said...

Hi, Glenn, and thank you for your reply. It was a good idea - common sense, really! - and I feel a bit daft for not trying it earlier.

But....yeah. No good. Sigh.

I may have to go through the game up to the "suck-in-my-character" mirror, and give up on actually finishing it. Still, it seems like such an elementary problem, which should (probably) have a simple solution. Times like this I wish I know some programming.

Well, I'll keep hunting. Never say die! (Of course not: Lord British will just haul you back). ;)



Steve Miller said...

Damn... looking for a solution for this num keys issue as well. So far no luck. :(

Anonymous said...

I found some kind of solution to this keyboard number 5 problem.
First you have to map the number key to something else. I tried mapping number 8 to home button.

However, this doesn't work when just pressing home button once. You have to keep it pressed for a couple of seconds and then the number 8 appears.

Anonymous said...


I too was having the "no numbers but 5" problem. Num lock fixed it for me I am pleased to say.

Thanks for this great game.

DeliveryMan said...

had the same problem with numlock
here is a patch

doesn't work with the u5 upgrade patch though
i've made the the ultima5.com from the upgrade compatible with the numlck patch. you can download that here:
this is just for those with the u5upgrade

just copy my ultima5.com over the existing one and start the game with with ultima5