Rambo 3 Game Free Download & Install Guide

Author: Glenn Scrima

(Please do not copy this guide. However anyone is free to link to this page.)

First Download & Install Dosbox on Windows:

Go To:
http://www.dosbox.com > Downloads Tab > Click the Windows version (Under the Dosbox category)

Dosbox homepage
Run the downloaded installer file and install Dosbox on your hard drive in the directory C:\Games\Rambo3. Simply entering this will create these folders for you.

Rambo 3 game folder
Next: Open the Games folder then the Rambo3 folder within it. Locate and right click on the Dosbox config file. Click "open with" & select notepad.

Rambo 3 config
With the dosbox config file open scroll to the bottom. We are going to place some text below [autoexec]:

mount c c:\games\rambo3
cd rambo3

Game autoexec
Save and exit the config file when you are finished.

Now Lets Download the Free Game Rambo 3:

Go To: http://abandonia.com

Next: Type "Rambo" in the game search box in the upper right corner of the main page and press enter.

Game search
After That:
Click on "Rambo III" in the game search results column.

Game results Rambo 3
Next: On the page that follows click on the "Get It!" button.

Download game
Finally: Click on the "Get It" button on following page and wait for your browser to give you the option to download and save the Rambo 3 file. Click the "Save" button and choose a directory on your hard drive where you would like to save the game. Saving to your desktop is usually the default option and is probably the easiest place to save the Rambo 3 game for extraction.

Saving Rambo 3 game

Now Lets Extract The Rambo 3 Free Game Download:

First: Right click on the "Rambo 3" file you downloaded to your hard drive and click on "Extract All".

Extracting the game
Click the "Next" button when the extractor launches. You will be asked where you would like to extract the Rambo 3 game, select "C:\Games\Rambo3". When your done click "Next" again and the files will begin to extract.

Zip program

You're Gonna Need A Lot of Body Bags:

First: Double click on the Dosbox program file in the "C:\Games\Rambo3" directory and Rambo III will launch. After the game launches you will be asked a short series of questions on how you would like the game to be setup. First you will be asked to, "...select [your] desired video device". Choose "VGA 320x200 16 color" by pressing "V".

Rambo 3 screen size
Next: You will be asked to "Select [your] Desired Sound Device". Choose "Adlib Music Board" by pressing "A".

Music type
Finally: On the next two screens you will be asked to "Select [your] Desired Input Device" for Missions 1, 2 and 3. This comes down to personal preference.

Input type
You will now be shown the keyboard layout for all the different moves in the game Rambo 3 and then launched into the game itself, enjoy!

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