The Pandora Directive Game Install Guide

Author: Glenn Scrima
(Please do not copy this guide. Anyone however is free to link to this page.)

After my recent guide for the game Under A Killing Moon I though it would only make sense to add a guide for the Pandora Directive. So without further ado:

First Download & Install Dosbox:

Go To: > Downloads Tab > Click the Windows version (Under the Dosbox Category)

Dosbox homepageNext: Run the Downloaded Installer file and install Dosbox in a folder on your C:\ drive when asked. Finally when finished rename your Dosbox folder Pandora.

Next: Open the Pandora folder and then locate and run Dosbox by double clicking on the Dosbox program icon.

Dosbox program
Next: At the the command prompt in Dosbox type "config -writeconf dosbox.conf" and then press the "Enter" key.

Creating The Pandora Directive PC game config
Next: Type "exit" to exit Dosbox.

Exit DOS command
Now: Locate and right click on the Dosbox config file. Click "open with" & select notepad.

Editing the game config fileNext: Now with the dosbox config file open scroll to the bottom. We are going to place some text below [autoexec]:

mount c c:\pandora
mount d d:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0

(note: replace d with whatever letter your CD drive happens to be, mine happens to be e)

The PC game mount commands After this close the config file, insert The Pandora Directive (Disk 1) and run Dosbox.

Next Install the Game The Pandora Directive:

Go to: The command prompt (Z:) and type d: and press enter, then type install and press enter again. The install screen for The Pandora Directive game should come up, click Install.

The Pandora Directive game installationNext: Select the c: drive and click ok. After installation is done you should see the message telling you the games installation is complete, click continue. At this point you should be returned to the c:\pandora prompt. Type exit and press enter (this should close Dosbox).

Next Modify The Pandora Directive Game Files:

First: Go to your Pandora Folder and change the name of the Dosbox program file to Pandora Directive (optional).

Dosbox program icon

Create six folders and name them PANDORA1, PANDORA2, PANDORA3, PANDORA4, PANDORA5, & PANDORA6

Creating the Pandora game folders
Copy the contents of Disks 1-6 into each folder. So the contents of the first Pandora game disk would go in the PANDORA1 folder, the contents of the second Pandora disk would go into the PANDORA2 folder and so on. Its as easy as copying and pasting into each.

Next: Modifying The Pandora Directive Dosbox Config File Again:

First: Go to the dosbox config file and scroll to the [autoexec] section at the bottom. Next below the text we have already entered copy and paste the following.

mount e c:\pandora\pandora1 -t cdrom -label PANDORA1
mount f c:\pandora\pandora2 -t cdrom -label PANDORA2
mount g c:\pandora\pandora3 -t cdrom -label PANDORA3
mount h c:\pandora\pandora4 -t cdrom -label PANDORA4
mount i c:\pandora\pandora5 -t cdrom -label PANDORA5
mount j c:\pandora\pandora6 -t cdrom -label PANDORA6
cd pandora
It should look like this.

Reedited Dosbox mount commands
Insert Disk 1 again and run the game. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure your sound settings. If you have trouble try using the auto detect feature.

Finally: When you reach the screen below change the settings of each drive as seen below and press ok. If this option isn't given to you during installation simply open the configuration section and click on the CD-ROM tab.

CD-ROM configuration menu

Well that should do it. Now you can revist this old classic game and do it without the headache of disk swapping, enjoy!

The config file is missing what do I do?
The game won't run on Windows Vista. What should I do?
The game runs sluggish. Is there a way to improve this?
How do I make the game launch in fullscreen mode?
How do I change the amount of RAM available?
How do I mount a hard drive or CD-ROM drive in Dosbox?
How do I change my machine type in Dosbox?
How do I capture a screenshot during gameplay?
I can't download from Abandonia. What should I do?
How do I close or exit Dosbox?


Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with this setup. I get mscdex messages that multiple cdroms must be continuous.
It also states tex4 is an illegal command.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
(I copied and pasted from this site)

Anonymous said...

I have compared the Under a Killing Moon config with the pandora config and was able to correct my problem.

However... The ingame configuration screen will not let me change any of the drive letters. They are all D. I'm still working on this...

Glenn said...

I just realized I left out the command

cd pandora

It should go between


so it should look like

cd pandora

Glenn said...

The only thing I can think of for the drive letter problem is to create the Dosbox folder and rename it pandora. Then add the PANDORA 1-6 folders with files. Then add the lines of code you normally would add after installation (mounting all the additional drives). Then install the game fresh for the first time after this instead of before. I just ran the install guide step by step to make sure and it runs fine on my computer. But give the just mentioned method a try and let me know how it turns out.

Craig said...

I'm having the same problems. I can get the program to run fine but it wont mount the drives. Keeps saying drive letters must be continuous.

Glenn said...

Did you guys try pasting all the code (including the stuff I have you normally put in after you install Pandora)before you install The Pandora Directive. I can't seem to replicate any problems on my end but this comes to mind as a possible fix. It could be Pandora collects all its drive information on some machines before it installs? Keep me updated I'll see what else I can think of if this doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Well, that does it for Pandora's Directive. I had finally gotten the game installed and was happily playing with no disk when the unfortunate thing happened. I was attempting to go up some stairs and the scene locked up on me. I had to quit the program and went back to install/reinstall the patch. After that I couldn't get into the game. I tried deleting the game and starting all over, being careful to install the patch this time and I get error msgs about unable to find Data01,etc. I finally gave up and deleted the game again and am now playing it with the disks under dosbox. It seems to be working okay now and I've gotten past the point where the game locked up before. I don't know what I was doing wrong.

SharonB said...

Glenn, I went back and tried your suggestion again about mounting all the drives before installing. Still can't get it to work.

My error msg: File not found. E: Data01\C30.ap

This is driving me crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with the mount commands, too. Kept getting a "directory does not exist" or "path does not exist" error. Solution: in the mount commands you need to increment the cdrom numbers. In your directions you have:

mount e c:\ pandora\pandora1 -t cdrom -usecd 0 -label PANDORA1
mount f c:\pandora\pandora2 -t cdrom -usecd 0 -label PANDORA2
mount g c:\pandora\pandora3 -t cdrom -usecd 0 -label PANDORA3
mount h c:\pandora\pandora4 -t cdrom -usecd 0 -label PANDORA4
mount i c:\pandora\pandora5 -t cdrom -usecd 0 -label PANDORA5
mount j c:\pandora\pandora6 -t cdrom -usecd 0 -label PANDORA6

You have to increment the number after the "-usecd" parameter. So, if d is 0, then e must be 1, f must be 2, and so on.

--GarySogar from the Unoffical Tex Murphy BB

Glenn said...

Guys I just updated the guide to reflect some of the problems people have been facing. I've noticed that different versions of dosbox will give different results. With that in mind I have stated which version applies to the guide above. I will try to keep the guide current as new versions emerge. I'm also working on a troubleshooting section since not every machine is going to like the same settings. I appreciate the feedback guys and will continue to try to make this work for everyone possible.


Kylie Lowe said...

Thanks for the guide on installing PD! I've finally got this game working after years of not being able to play it all. Thanks so much! Only problem I have is not being able to change the drive letters. I've tried reinstalling it various different ways but to no avail. No matter, I'm grateful just to have the game working so I don't mind changing CDs so much.

Glenn said...

Hi Kylie, I'm glad that you got the game working again. I've had some people have issues like this as well and it is likely due to someones setup as each being unique some things work on some that won't on others. If you haven't already make sure you are using dosbox 0.72. You might want to change all the -usecd commands to 0. It doesn't work on this version of dosbox on my setup but did on past versions. Its always worth a shot since its easy to change back. You could also try a slightly earlier version of dosbox and see if that effects anything. I'm working on a troubleshooting guide to add to the page so hopefully I can integrate some ideas in there when I begin it. Either way though its great that it is working for you and you can enjoy it again. You probably already know but there is three different paths in the game and seven different endings so you may see some new stuff!


Edgar said...

Hello, i got the game working fine, but i was wondering if there is any way to maximize the screen? On the screen itself it wont let me, but i dont know if theres some kind of command to do it?


Glenn said...

Hi Edgar, if you open the dosbox config file there's a section [sdl]. If you look under this section there's a line "fullscreen=false" you need to change it to "fullscreen=true" then save and exit. Next time you run Pandora Directive it will switch into full screen automatically.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that using Vista I was able to open and make changes to the config file, but Vista does not allow one to save those changes. I had to download a freeware program called Programmers Notepad in order to save my changes.

casey97 said...

You should be able to edit that file in VISTA (it works for me). You probably need to modify your User Account Controls (UAC)in order to do it. The UAC can be a real headache and is one of my reasons for disliking it as an OS.

flax^ said...

Great guide dude. THanks alot :) Everything workes like a charm, when I fixxed your typo :P

mount e c:\ pandora\pandora1 -t cdrom -label PANDORA1

Theres a space between


that shouldnt be there. It messes up the mounting.

Keep up the good work. You bring grrrrrreat joy to ppl :)

Glenn said...

I just updated the guide thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate the positive response, its what helps keep me motivated for making these guides. Have fun playing Pandora, its one of my all time favorites.


Anonymous said...

I have had a ton of problems installing problems with UAKM, but a ton with pandora...first off, I couldn't get it to install out of dosbox..kept saying there was a d: I tried getting around it by doing a regular install with it and just storing the folder in the dosbox folder....then, when I was trying to copy the files from disk 4 into it's specified folder, there were several files that wouldn't copy...error prompt kept saying they were invalid ms-dos commands...HELP PLEASE!!!

Glenn said...

Hi, you need to install the game in dosbox and not outside it. I'd recommend following each step exactly, you might mess up the process otherwise. As for the problem with the CD-ROM I'm not sure. If the other CD's are copying and just that one isn't it might be something with the CD itself. Check and see if it has a lot of abrasion marks and if so clean it and try again and see if that works.


t_a_o said...

Just thought you should know, that your links for the Tex Murphy patches are broken...
I found this page to work - just click the download button.

Anonymous said...

but what about the whole "d: does not exist!" prompt I keep getting when I try to install it out of dosbox?

Glenn said...

I just updated the three links. Thanks for pointing this out, great site too.

Glenn said...

Double check the letter for the CD drive is it something other then D, this might be the problem.

Anonymous said...

nope, my cd drive is friend was having problems installing/playing pandora as well...does it possibly have anything to do with under a killing moon being installed under dosbox? is it possible to have two different folders of dosbox installed, with under a killing moon out of one and pandora out of the other?

t_a_o said...

I play several games at the same time using just the one DosBox installed.

Also, I do it a little different than Glen, sorry Glen :)

Now, it all comes down to the dosbox.conf file in Dosbox folder.

First I made a backup copy of it and saved it as backup_dosbox.conf.

Next I decide where to install my games, which for me is in c:\Games\

So for Pandora it would be: c:\Games\Pandora

Then I go to Dosbox folder and edit the dosbox.conf to reflect that.. I use most of Glen's suggestions:

My CD/DVD drive is also d:
Here's how mine would look like:

mount c c:\Games\Pandora
mount d d:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0

Now when you open Dosbox it starts in Z:, so you want to go to your CD/DVD drive, which for me is d:
So you type: cd d:
And next just follow Glen's text here:

Type install and press enter again. The install screen for The Pandora Directive should come up, click Install.

Select c drive, since we with the mount command told dosbox, that the c drive would be: c:\Games\Pandora.
Then close Dosbox

Now make sure you make the PANDORA1-6 folders INSIDE the c:\Games\pandora folder (or whereever you install the game to.)
Copy the 6 CD's content into each of the folders you made.

Go back to the dosbox folder and edit dosbox.conf to look like this.

mount e c:\Games\Pandora\PANDORA1 -t cdrom -label PANDORA1
mount f c:\Games\Pandora\PANDORA2 -t cdrom -label PANDORA2
mount g c:\Games\Pandora\PANDORA3 -t cdrom -label PANDORA3
mount h c:\Games\Pandora\PANDORA4 -t cdrom -label PANDORA4
mount i c:\Games\Pandora\PANDORA5 -t cdrom -label PANDORA5
mount j c:\Games\Pandora\PANDORA6 -t cdrom -label PANDORA6
cd Pandora

From here on, just follow the Glanes instructions.

Here's where it get interesting, because now I would SAVE AS the dosbox.conf file as: pandora_dosbox.conf
That way I now have a normal dosbox.conf AND pandora_dosbox.conf.

That means I can now install other games and do the same, but when playing them, I rename their own conf file to the normal dosbox.conf file.

Oh wow, that got a little long. Sorry!

Glenn said...

t_a_o I like that method its one I didn't think of but it makes sense. I've been using the method I have now just because after the game is installed its a matter of simply clicking on the dosbox application and the game launches. I did this mostly for readers who aren't that computer knowledgeable making it super simple for them after they finish with the guide. But like I said great method and I defiantly encourage people who come here to build on anything I write or add their own version into the mix. Speaking of which I've decided to take your method of placing each game within one folder, which I found makes a huge amount of sense now with all the games I've got on my drive, and am going to incorporate it in my future guides (I might go back and add a revision for previous ones as well) so thanks for the suggestion.


Greg said...

This is driving me absolutely crazy. I have followed the instructions exactly in dosbox.72 and have replicated it through the DFEND-reloaded interface as well.

I get a "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" error ~in game~ while trying to load CD2 after the opening movies. The game crashes everytime. Everything is mounted correctly through dosbox and in game. I can click on the intro link and watch the opening movie fine. I can click on the credits link and watch it ok.

This is not a memory configuration problem. The sole reason I am getting this error is because disc 2 is being mounted on the hard drive. If I change the mounting setting so that the actual cd drive is mounted as disc two, the error disappears.

Here are the config settings:
mount c e:\games
mount d d:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0
mount e e:\games\pandora\pandora1 -t cdrom -label PANDORA1
mount f e:\games\pandora\pandora2 -t cdrom -label PANDORA2
mount g e:\games\pandora\pandora3 -t cdrom -label PANDORA3
mount h e:\games\pandora\pandora4 -t cdrom -label PANDORA4
mount i e:\games\pandora\pandora5 -t cdrom -label PANDORA5
mount j e:\games\pandora\pandora6 -t cdrom -label PANDORA6
cd pandora

All out of ideas.

Greg said...

Alright, I found out the problem. My disk was just bad. If the game gives you the "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" error, tag that as a corrupted CD image.


Anonymous said...

I followed your instructions and managed to install the game. I configured the sound and it works fine. Now to my problem (actually I got 2 problems). First there is some problems with the graphics; I got black screens in the menus, but i can "erase" the black with my mouse pointer revealing the screen underneath the black...) Now to the real issue: When trying to start a new game, Nothing happens. The game just sends me back to the screen where you type in your name. pressing "ok" there sends me to the menu where you choose how hard the gameplay should be. From there I press "ok" again to start a new game, and the same thing happens. Game is sending me back to where I type in my name. Im clueless here, plz help!!!

Glenn Scrima said...

I'm not to sure about the looping your getting when starting the game but the graphics glitch could be your video card drivers. I'd start out though applying the patch for the game and see if that helps. If you go to the sidebar on the site their is a link to a page with game patches and Pandora is listed on it. See if that does anything and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi again,
I actually solved my problem; or to be more exact, I gave up, installed virtual PC on my computer, then installed windows98, and installed the game there. It´s actually working surpisingly well; even tho the speed is a little bit too high in-game. If anyone líke to do it this way its no problem doing it with ISO-images since virtual-PC are able to mount ISOs.
Kind regards

DrPaul said...

Has there been any progress in figuring out why the in-game configuration screen won't allow changing the drive letters?

I have the game working fine from the CDs, but but can't change the drive letters for playing from the hard disk.

Glenn Scrima said...

It seems some are having this problems but others aren't so I'm not sure what to make of why its happening. Are you using XP or Vista?

Matthew said...

Any idea how to make the game work under DOSBOX on a Linux system?

Diego said...

when i install the game using dosbox it says that i dont have enough disk space but when i use the c prompt with windows it installs this going to work the same?

Ori said...

When I type 'install' and then 'enter', the installation is scanning for drives on my PC and then I get a message that there isn't enough space on any of my drives which is ridiculous because I have plenty. What should I do?

Ori said...

When I launch the install it scans for drives on my PC and then I get a message that there is not enough space on my harddrive. But it's not true. What should I do?

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Ori and Diego, what operating system are you each using?

Matthew I'm not sure how it would work with Linux since I'm not familiar with it but Dosbox is to some extent a closed environment since its an emulator so it might be worth giving it a try. The mount commands etc might need to be changed depending on how linux's file structure works.

Ori said...

Gosh, sorry for the double posting...

I overcame that problem with a creative solution: I copied the contents of the first CD to my hard drive and mounted it in DOSBox instead of mounting the DVD-Drive.

I managed to install the game *BUT* after the part where you configure the video the game asked me to insert CD1 - obviously a problem. So I modified the Config.INI file of the game in the "[CD_MAP]" section to match the "CD-ROM" configuration tab of the installation (just after the part where you configure the video) as shown in your screenshot.

The game works great. Thank you very much!!!

Jim said...

Ori, I don't understand your method. I am new and am desperately trying to install the game.

I followed Glen's method up to the point of install where I copy and paste the information in config file before I proceed to install the game.

Then I go to DOSbox to enter in "D:", then "install".

It loaded and then I got an error which says I don't have enough memory:

"ERROR. Sorry, the install process was not able to proceed because it could not locate a hard drive on your system with adequate free space upon which to install the game's critical files.

The PANDORA DIRECTIVE requires 20 Megabytes of free storage space on a hard drive in order to successfully install."

How do I overcome this problem? I am using Windows XP and use D drive. Thanks.

Alexa said...

My fifth Pandora CD will not load giving the message cyclic redundancy will not load. Do you know how to get by this? Thanks so much for your generous help.

Ori said...


As I said. It is really simple, copy the contents of CD1 to your hard drive and instead of writing these lines in your DOSBox config file:

mount c c:\pandora
mount d d:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0

write these:

mount c c:\pandora
mount d [the destination in hard-drive where you copied CD1 content]

This suppose to solve the problem.

DrPaul said...

Sorry for taking so long to post back. You asked if I am using XP or Vista in regard to the problem that the in-game configuration screen won't let me change the drive letters.

I am using XP. One other thing that may be unique about my setup is that I installed the game on a USB hard drive instead of my main hard drive. The idea was to make Pandora portable on any computer.

I hope that's not the problem.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi, I don't think that the hard drive should be a factor by itself. However by USB hard drive do you mean some type of flash drive or a conventional large capacity drive that comes as either a 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch format. If its a flash based drive this could be the problem.

With that said this drive isn't likely your C: drive so I wanted to check if you modified the config file to accommodate this. I'd double check all the mount commands to see if they all point to your flash drive (for disks 1-4 and the main C: drive). The only one that shouldn't is the d: cd-rom mount command that is directed to your actual CD or DVD-Rom drive.


Alexa said...

Thanks Glenn and all that have helped. It seems that my problem comes from the copy and paste of cd 5. It starts out fine then I receive the message: C16: Data error cyclic redundancy check. I then opened the data folder of cd 5 and tried to copy each and every folder individually, and received the message again on several areas. I found patches on internet searches and articles mentioning cd5 problems. Do you think it would be helful, and most of all safe to download this? Thanks, Alexa

Glenn Scrima said...

It sounds like your cd-rom drive might be having trouble accessing some of the files. If its only disk 5 then it sounds like the disc might need to be cleaned or checked for any scratches as the drive might be trying to read the files but is having trouble.


Alexa said...

Cleaned cd5 and that did the trick. So glad to enjoy this old classic. Thank you Glenn and all that have helped.

DrPaul said...

Hey, Thanks Glenn. That's what it was. My config file still had C: for the e,f,g,h,i,j mounts. I switched those to e: (which is a 'real' hard disk with a USB interface.

So now my config file looks like this:
mount c e:\Pandora
mount d d:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0
mount e e:\pandora\pandora1 -t cdrom -label PANDORA1
mount f e:\pandora\pandora2 -t cdrom -label PANDORA2
mount g e:\pandora\pandora3 -t cdrom -label PANDORA3
mount h e:\pandora\pandora4 -t cdrom -label PANDORA4
mount i e:\pandora\pandora5 -t cdrom -label PANDORA5
mount j e:\pandora\pandora6 -t cdrom -label PANDORA6
cd Pandora

After making this change, the in game config screen allowed me to set the drives to e,f,g,h,i and j.

Now it runs off of the USB hard disk. But I still have to have at least one CD in my CD-ROM drive to start the game. Is that normal?

DrPaul said...

Oh wait!

It acted like it wouldn't run without a CD - gave me a couple "Put CD in Drive D:" messages" but I after a few warnings, it started without a CD.

So now, presumably, I can plug my portable hard disk into any XP computer (providing it comes up a drive E:) and play Pandora anywhere! Cool!

Topmoxie said...

Dont know why anyone would want to copy this when it doesnt work

Glenn Scrima said...

Topmoxie what version of Windows are you using?


- d said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
- d said...

Hi Glenn,

I got everything to work so far so that when I run my DOSBox, the "tex4" executes and the game seems to run. However, this is where it hits a dead end and a message appears:

"No CD-ROM drive available, aborting the game. Hit any key to continue"

I'm not sure why this is happening. Hope to hear back from you soon, great job on the site by the way!

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi did you put the first Pandora disc back in the drive and then run the program. The game still thinks that is your drive so you need to do that so it can access the game. Then when the program launches change all the drives to the virtual ones you added that are linked to each of the Pandora folders you created. This way the game thinks each of those folders with a copy of each cd in them are the actual cd-roms that came with the game saving the need to insert a different CD all the time when running the game. Let me know if this helps.


- d said...

Hey Glenn,

I actually fiddled around with some of the settings in the config file and managed to get all of the drives to mount properly and the game running smoothly.

Again, thanks so much for your awesome web site. I will definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to replay the classics. Cheers mate.

Harriet said...

I'm getting that install is an illegal command?!?

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Harriet, what stage of the guide does this happen. Also what version of Windows are you using?


Maria said...

Hi. Thanks a lot for your wonderful guides. Without you I would have never got UAKM to work. Now I'm trying to enjoy Pandora, but I'm having some difficulties.

I've followed your instructions down to a T and I got the game running without any trouble. However, when I try to enter the Electronics Shop, I get an error message that says "File not Found. G:\DATA01\R12.AP". The file in question is in the PANDORA3 folder.

I hope you or someone will be able to tell me what to do. This game is too good to be missed. Thanks!

Maria said...

Alright, it looks like I managed to solve my problem, at least for now. For some reason, my game couldn't find any of the files from the folders PANDORA3-PANDORA6. I got around the problem by creating a folder called DATA01 inside each of these folders and moving all the files into them. Hope this helps others having the same problem.

Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Maria sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm glad it worked out and that's a trick I've never heard of before so I'll keep it in mind if I hear of this problem with other visitors. Enjoy playing Tex again!


Brian said...


I am trying to install The Pandora Directive on my computer, which uses Windows Vista. I installed Dosbox, copied everything over so I won't have to switch CDs, and everything seems to be running fine, with the exception of the sound/music.

It works so far, but the Tex's narration is noticeably crackly, sort of like listening to an old record. I've tried messing with the settings in the Dosbox configuration file, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing. And the midi music seems to malfunction sometimes. It's hard to describe, so bear with me -- when a song is supposed to end, like when Tex goes to speak with Chelsea at the newsstand towards the beginning of the game, the song ends with a loud, prolonged note. Very weird. Also, on a side note, when I hit space and go to full-screen when I walk around in the game, the video seems to get a little choppy -- not that the framerate is dropping at all. It just doesn't seem very smooth. Is there anything I can do about this?

Anyway, here's the sound portion of my config file. Like I said, I'm using Vista. If you could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.



Glenn Scrima said...

Hi Brian, it sounds like it might be a performance issue. Sometimes when the CPU settings for the game are set too high or low the sounds breaking up is the first thing to let you know. I've had issues with this in the past but you can usually fix it with some tinkering. The first thing to try is freeing up some more performace with some of the steps in a guide I have:

Another thing you want to tinker with is the settings under the [cpu] section in the dosbox config file. There is no true setting as its the sweet spot is different on every machine but you want to change cycles=auto to a number such as cycles=25000. You may need to raise or lower this, possibly a lot till you find a setting that works well. Also in the guide mentioned above check out the frame skip setting.


sourav76 said...

Hi Glenn

great work..

PD runs fine on XP on my machine but the vidphone conversations dont fire and the lucia pernell conversations dont work on day 3

any sugestions

Anonymous said...

I think people should be mindful of the fact that if your mounting a CD image file with an ISO file extension that the correct command line parameter is:

Z:\>IMGMOUNT E C:\Images\MyImage.iso -t iso

The autoexec section of my dosbox.conf looks like this:mount c c:\pandora

IMGMOUNT d c:\Pandora\DISK1\Pandora_Directive_CD1.iso -t iso
IMGMOUNT e c:\Pandora\DISK2\Pandora_Directive_CD2.iso -t iso
IMGMOUNT f c:\Pandora\DISK3\Pandora_Directive_CD3.iso -t iso
IMGMOUNT g c:\Pandora\DISK4\Pandora_Directive_CD4.iso -t iso
IMGMOUNT h c:\Pandora\DISK5\Pandora_Directive_CD5.iso -t iso
IMGMOUNT i c:\Pandora\DISK6\Pandora_Directive_CD6.iso -t iso

cd pandora

I hope this clears up any problems people are having with Pandora Directive. It Runs Flawlessly on my machine and I'm running Windows XP! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

On another note, Dosbox wiki is an excellent resource on everything you need to know about Doxbox! It gives clear cut examples on how to mount directories, cdrom drives, cdrom imagine files like cue, bin and iso. Here's the link to the mount guide featured on

Anonymous said...

Very good guide, i get may game to start. But then i start a new game i can type my name and start, and the ...nothing just a black scrren there i could move the mouse pointer around at the screen but nothing more. Anyone who have a solution for this ?

Anonymous said...

find a gog version. they install on windows 7 and xp i think.

Anonymous said...


I would like to say BIG THANKS for that great tutorial. Everything works perfect and the experience is amazing (plus no CD swapping at all!). Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

BTW, two corrections from my side:

1) Instead of:
"Select the c: drive and click ok"
the doc could say:
"Keep the install path unchanged - 'C:\PANDORA' - and click ok"

2) After installation and assigning virtual CD drives in game config, exit Pandora and comment the line below in dosbox.conf file:

#mount d d:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0

This will disable the need for keeping physical Pandora CD in the drive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful website. Your clear instructions made the installation of Dosbox easy to follow. I had found many other sites that explained Dosbox confusing. Thanks to you I’m able to once again enjoy The Pandora Directive, plus rediscover many of the old classics.

electric-shadows said...

Hi. I was copying the contents of Disk 1 into the folder PANDORA1 and a pop up said:

'Can't read from the source file or disk

The rest of the disks have copied over fine. Will this cause me problems with playing the game?